In 2 short years, the front office of the Mets has become a lightning rod for the anger of a portion of the fan base. But, in my opinion, many of the more “vocal” posters on some blogs seem to largely miss the point of what the job of a GM is. It is not simply doing everything possible to win a few more games in the current year.Of course, they also scream about the team having “3 GMs” when one of them is the player development director (every team has one) and the other is just a special assistant (something else that every team has multiples of).My take on the matter is that a key task 2 years ago was fixing the mess that the organization was in. That means organizational philosophy, player development practices, MiL system, all the good stuff that qualifies as the foundation a successful, sustainable organization is built on.There of course was the added wrinkle of needing to downsize payroll at the same time, which certainly put a dent in the chances of competing in the interim.  But I always thought, and am pretty sure Sandy basically said, that they were focused on 2014+ and looking to build an operation like the Braves, where they would have a pipeline of talent to keep the team competitive or better for many years in a row. Anything they accomplished in 12-13 was more gravy, and while they would make an attempt, it would not be at the expense of the “future”Now, maybe I am giving them too much credit for having a plan, vs. a concept, but it is something!Does that mean that every move they made worked out? Of course not, and some could make you scratch your head. Of course, this is largely true of every FO, we just don’t pay attention to them. And the less you have to spend, the deeper in the dumpster you have to dive. Still, there were some good acquisitions and contracts in there, along with a few duds, but even there you can see a method to the madness. Key to the “plan”, everything had a very short impact horizon. 2 year FA deals maximum, and even Franky was relatively low $ compared to the market. So basically, nothing that would constrain them going forward.Now, what happens with Wright and Dickey this off-season will of course give better insight into the next phase of the “plan (in case any of you are not aware, the Mets are in discussions with both of these players on contract extensions. Or shopping them. Or both. Or in Aruba, drinking Mai Tais on the beach…)