I keep reading how the Mets seemingly must sign a Loogy.  Beimel is a hot name.  Yeah the guy that should never ever face a RH batter and has decent numbers vs LH.  OK he is more than decent over the years because he is if nothing else consistent.   However does his
vs LHH out weigh his
Obviously the Mets will undoubtedly add a LHRP.But lets take a look at another guy who is not only not LH but barely RH.Elmer "Fudd" Dessens2009:SplitPAABRH2BHRBBSOBAOBPSLGOPS
vs RHB as RHP64576133255.228.286.386.672
vs LHB as RHP66578113359.193.277.404.680
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original TableGenerated 1/3/2011.2010:SplitPAABRH2BHRBBSOBAOBPSLGOPS
vs RHB as RHP1321151728631010.243.318.391.709
vs LHB as RHP62565134166.232.306.357.664
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original TableGenerated 1/3/2011.The Fudd really has gotten a bad rap in Mets circles.  The guy while not a setup guy has been forced to be relied upon for 2 years and has done a great job.   Forget Beimel and bring him back.  Saved 1M.Now back to other options for the pen.  We have listed many and the Mets are actually in a good position as there are still a ton of names out there and the market is shrinking daily.I still say the best option is to invest slightly more money on Fuentes and then be able to possibly trade from strength later on.  I understand the concerns about SP but honestly in this market, who are you saving the money for?I hear all the talk about how the new regime will have foresight and will not be fooled into traditional thinking.  If this is true then we shall see no LOOOOOGies.