Obviously there has been a lot of posting, reporting, stat crunching and back seat driving going on lately concerning the Mets inconsistent offense and much of it is warranted.  However, if you want to come down to the main reason the Mets have struggled in May?  Look past that weakness right into the "strength" of the team. 

At home, a pitchers paradise the Mets pitchers have turned it into a nightmare instead.  

13th in WHIP

​14th in SO/W

12th in OBP

​11th in OPS

with a BB/9 of 3.87 (3.24 on the road for comparison)

In May the pitching has been even worse overall:

15th in WHIP

14th in SO/W

13th in ERA

15th in OBP

​and a staggering 4.18 BB/9

The Starters in May have produced a 4.53 ERA (3.37 in April) with a 1.93 SO/BB ratio (2.78 in April). 

What about that terrible offense?

It ranks right in the middle during May:

7th in OPS

6th in BA

6th in OBP

8th in RS

So what does all this mean?  Does it mean that the offense was in deed coming around?  Perhaps.  Does it mean that we should be concerned about the pitching?  That too.  What it may finally mean is that the pressure is now on Dan Warthen to get his pitchers to stop walking players at home.  I think this also goes back to a terrible blow the Mets received with the loss of Frank Viola for the year.  There's no doubt that if healthy he will be a MLB pitching coach, I hope it's for the Mets.