This week's question to the RDMB staff:Which of the current Mets outfielders will be on the Opening Day roster next season?And the answers...Spencer Schneier:
Hairston, Torres, Baxter, Duda, RH hitter
Hairston, maybe Baxter.  They'll definitely try to bring back Hairston.  I doubt they bring back Torres, but it could happen.  Bay probably gets let go during the off season; I know with Castillo and Ollie they brought them to ST and let them try to make the team, but with Bay it's probably better to just let him go after the season.  Nieuwenhuis and Valdespin will be in the picture too, but I think they look to trade Duda; if not, he could take over LF for Bay.
Only Valdy!What is this, an attempt to push conspiracy theories or create a narrative where there is none?Clearly, the adults are in the room and The Plan is working. The efforts expended to sign draft picks and make necessary in-season improvements will continue this offseason and result in a shiny new outfield, whatever the cost!:)
Mr. North Jersey:
I'd say at this point that would be Capt Kirk.
I also would say Baxter, Duda, Hairston, Valdy pending either Valdy or Duda being traded.
Paul Festa:
Nieuwenhuis, Duda, Baxter, maybe Hairston, if they can get him at a reasonable price.  They need right-handed pop, and Scott can provide it.With 1 year left on his deal, the Mets will cut bait on Jason Bay.  They tried one last time to get their money's worth out of him this year, but it's obvious he's not getting any better.  A change of scenery may help him, but he's not going to do anything more with the Mets.Andres Torres (.353 OBP) has been our best option in center field, for all his flaws.  If the Mets could get him cheap for next year, they may put him on the bench, if only because he hits lefties well.  But it would be better if the Mets could nab a right-handed hitting outfielder with pop during the offseason.Matt den Dekker could make the team if he has a strong Spring.  The strike against him is that he bats left-handed, and the Mets already have too many left-handed hitting outfielders.Jordany Valdespin figures to make the team in some capacity next year as well.
I think this will all depend on how much money the Wilpons have in the off-season. If they have money, they will go out and get a right-handed bat. I hope it's a guy like one of the Upton brothers. That would have a big impact on this team. If they don't have much money, I could see them going after a Cody Ross-type player, especially if they can't re-sign Scott Hairston.I think Torres, Duda, Kirk, Baxter, and Valdespin will definitely be back next season if they aren't involved in some kind of trade for a big-time right-handed bat.Oh and bye bye Jason Bay *crosses fingers.*
What do you think? Who will be back next season?