This week's question for the Real Dirty Mets staff:Are the Mets finished?Mr. North Jersey:
At .500 with Santana expected back in 2 weeks, Edgin pitching well out of the pen along with Francisco being back soon my answer is no.
Most definitely. This team folds every summer and this is just the sixth edition of the annual fold.Horrible defense, a horrid bullpen, and down to two of our original rotation.Dickey has come back to reality, Collins insists on playing Bay and Torres and Hairston over Valdy, clearly the Wilpons refuse to spend to improve, and we are now 1-7 in death stretch II.They fight hard and do not quit but they simply do not have the talent to seriously compete.I wonder if Ceetar still thinks all five starters will win 15..
Yep, traid.
Gonzo Will:
NO...the Mets are in a bad storm right now but by all means, they are not done......the second Wild Card makes it possible for a team, like the Mets, to get hot and get into the playoffs.
Daniel Stein-Sayles:
The Mets have certainly made everyone question their ability to stay in the race this last week. I have felt the Mets have been outplaying their talent so far this year, however with over a third of the season still to be played they are not dead yet. Baseball is such a crazy sport, I truly believe anything can happen, with that being said the Mets better halt this free fall soon or they will be in big trouble.
Alex Spatt:
Yes, we're done. Half our starting staff is on the DL, Dickey is back down to earth, and Duda/Niewenhuis are completely checked out. Unless Valdespin begins getting some starts, we buy some bullpen help, or bay busts out out in a big way, our offense can't sustain our 2 out production nor rely on 7 more 3+ run homers for ike. Its reality time.
They definitely looked finish.  I thought they were skating on thin ice all along while still making it interesting.  No matter who is in the rotation, they need to be able to pitch well consistently, or else they'll drop off really fast.  At this point, there's no reason to make a trade by the deadline.  However, if they can fight the way they've done and find a way to finish third in the division, even if they're far out in the wildcard, I think the season can be considered pretty successful and a big step forward taken.
Paul Festa:
No.  This has always been a .500 team.  They've just found new and interesting ways to reach that mark this year.  This is simply the overpriced, mediocre hand dealt to us by Omar Minaya.  The goal should be, as I believe it has always been throughout the year, to keep the emphasis on building a sustained winner in the near future.  Keep building up the minor league system, and make SMART trades and free agent signings.
Connor O'Brien:
It's not quite over yet. Even though it seems very unlikely, the Mets still could make a run. But when you think about it, it sure has been an exciting season, right? We saw some stretches where this team was rolling. We've seen a resurgent year for David Wright, as well as promise for a very young core. The rotation looks good and with Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler on the way, it could get even better in the years to come. Ike Davis struggled in the beginning of the season, but has since come around somewhat and has been the power threat that we saw in his rookie year and last April. On top of that, this team has shown heart and resilience, as well as a winning attitude. That can be hard to find on many young teams and it may be what separates the Mets from the rest in the future. Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins are building a team that will have major long-term success. We have seen glimpses of it this season. It won't really mater what happens to this team the rest of the year. They've already got me very, very excited.
Finished with what?  Did they ever get started?  Why did our expectations change for the season just because they were playing a few games over. 500?  Most of us realized it wasn't sustainable this year.   If anything this slide could in the long-run be the best thing for the Mets.  There was no need throwing good prospects out for mediocre players on a team hanging by a shred (arm that is).But back to my point, is the season now a disappointment in what started as a season where most were just looking for the Mets to develop a few players, answer a few more questions and not embarrass themselves?  For one I have enjoyed this season.  My only problem is some of the answers are not what I expected or wanted to see.  Duda and Davis have struggled and have not answered  any long-term questions, yet .  Thole is up and down as is Murphy and even the kids in the  pen have not shown to be locks forward.That doesn't take away from what the have accomplished this season.  They are still fighting and clawing the same as they were early but without great starting pitching they will lose more than they win.  To me panicking now or throwing in the towel on the season as a fan is unfair to how hard the team has worked as well as what is a clear direction that has been set.  Instead of thinking this is a step back because of a ten game demise I will continue too look  forward.