This week's question:What's your take on the Matt Harvey- Miguel Batista situation? Should Harvey be called up? If so, when?And the debate...Spencer:
Harvey should be called up, and he should have been called up yesterday. There is a fine line between patience and stubbornness and the Mets are tip-toeing it.
I think it's time for Harvey.  If Gee were missing only one or two starts you could get away with Batista or maybe even Hefner, but with Gee done for the season Harvey is the best solution they have to start every 5th day the rest of the season.  That being said, I think there's some reason to be concerned with Harvey.  The results have been there at AAA, but according to reports the methodology has been off.  He needs to use all of his pitches, which he has not always done at AAA because he can get away with it; but he will get exposed in the majors if he can't use all of his pitches regularly.
Calling for Harvey is knee-jerk silliness. Remember Mejia? Pelfrey? This team is flawed across the board and 82 wins remains the reasonable goal. Bring up Harvey so the defense and bullpen can lose games for him?No.Be patient and wait till next year, as Timmy Lupus once so wisely said.A team with this bullpen and defense is not going anywhere, with or without Harvey, who has never been dominant anywhere and who adjusted very slowly to AA and AAA ball.
Harvey is ready, what evidence is there to the contrary?
I say give him at least one start to see what we've got.  I agree with Bryan's concerns - very often in AAA he has scrapped the changeup because he could get guys out with other pitches.  Which is nice - but he will need the offspeed stuff to succeed in the majors.  If he comes up and does great - fantastic.  If he gets slapped around, that might be better in the long run.  It'll be a sure fire way to get the message home that he will not be ready till ALL of his pitches are ready
His performance? His manager's evaluation? Most experienced observers' reports?People pegging this guy as another Gooden or Strasburg have a rude awakening coming.Harvey was not dominant in college or in the mid to high minors.And with our pen it does not matter anyway.
He's not a phenom, but I don't know what else he has to do. Yeah he walks a few more guys than you'd like, but if that was a concern why was he promoted from Binghampton? His FIP is right where it was last year in Double-A, and if you are looking at minor league stats other than K/BB/HR than you're most likely going to be mislead.And Backman thinks he can help:"He'll take a lump or two if they call him up," Backman said by phone on Tuesday. "But his fastball command is much improved. He can help them." (- New York Daily News)His last few starts he has kept the walks down and gotten the Ks up, he dominated a Triple-A All-Star Game. That is the highest non-MLB level of competition he could face.
Daniel Stain-Sayles:
Matt Harvey hasn't been dominant at Triple-A but he has been good enough to warrant a call-up. As sad as it is to admit, this will not be the Mets year. That may be the gut wrenching loss to the Braves talking or the truth. Whichever, it would be a smart move for the present and future to call Harvey up now. Batista or Hefner aren't helping the team this year and they are certainly not helping next year and beyond, Harvey will hopefully do both. Worst case he's not ready and gets knocked around a little and has to go back to Triple-A, all I see is upside.
Connor O'Brien:
I don't think they should call him up. As Terry Collins told reporters the other day, he needs to work on a few things. For one, he is reportedly relying on his fastball too much. Take this, from ESPN New York for example:"Collins pretty much echoed the critiques of scouts: Harvey's curveball is solid, but he sometimes does not use it enough. And the changeup is inconsistent. And because the changeup is inconsistent, Harvey sometimes refrains from using it, and instead tries to dominate with his fastball (which he tends to leave up in the zone at times). The organization preference is for Harvey not to worry about Triple-A success, take any lumps with the changeup if need be, and develop that pitch. "If the reports are true and Harvey hasn't developed that changeup, then he isn't a major league pitcher and shouldn't be pitching for the Mets. He's not going to get by with just a fastball against guys like Ryan Braun or Carlos Beltran.
Mr. North Jersey:
At this point I still feel the biggest thing Harvey has on his side for bringing him up is that Backman is on board with it. If the rest of the coaches feel calling Harvey up is not going to hurt his development at this time then call him up if he is the better alternative to Batista the rest of the way.
What do you think? Should Harvey be called up?