Welcome to this week's edition of Sunday Shots! Here's this week's question:Who should be the fifth starter in the Met rotation?Here are the responses:ConnorUAF:
Chris Young in the short-term and Matt Harvey in the long-term. Young will hopefully be back within the net few weeks. He is the most proven out of all of the candidates and honestly gives the Mets the best chance to win. However, he is only the placeholder until MAtt Harvey reaches the majors. Then, it's Harvey's job.
It looked like they were going to skate by with Batista until Chris Young was ready, but now it looks like they may have to get by with Hefner.  Young is definitely the guy, assuming he's healthy and productive, and he should be up in less than two weeks.  Hopefully Hefner can hold it down for a start or two cause I don't think you want to go back to Schwinden at this point.  I also wouldn't mind seeing Collin McHugh get a shot if needed, but he's not a long-term solution.  I think if they can slot Young in and everyone stays healthy the rest of the year they'll be okay with what they got.
Spencer (with his late-night response, hahaha):
I'm exhausted and just got Out Of The Park Baseball 13, so I'm just going to say hopefully the 5th starter is a baseball player.
Chris Young the second he's healthy. However a backup plan is certainly necessary because who knows how long Young will last. I would say either Mejia or Familia because those are the two high upside arms who need to prove they can be starters.
If Batista is out then Hefner would be the most logical choice as place holder for Chris Young who is place holder for Harvey.
Mr. NJ:
Considering the most recent chain of events it probably should be Hefner. At least until a time where Hefner implodes or a better option becomes available.
Paul Festa:
Let’s see what Jeremy Hefner can do.  He’s earned the shot with 8 effective major league innings this year.  He can hold down the fort until Chris Young is ready.