This week's question:What were your first impressions of Matt Harvey? What do you think he will become?SpencerRealDirtyMet:
Just wanna preface this by asking if anyone wants some ketchup with their crow?I think he showed his upside last night, the issue with him has been consistency and we can't tell much about that based on one game. I still see a rich man's Pelfrey. Guaranteed 200 innings, but better than league average.
He was very impressive. His stuff is real good and he definitely has a shot to be a #2 starter. That being said, you can never make too much of one performance. I have to wonder if his velocity will come down a notch or two without as much adrenaline in subsequent starts. If that happens he could get hard if his fastball is up in the zone like it was at times. Also, he did not throw nearly enough changeups, but as the booth pointed out he was willing to go inside against lefties, which was nice to see. There will definitely be some bumps along the way, but I think his AAA days are over. He'll stick in the bigs the rest of the season and he'll make the rotation out of spring next year and be around for a while.
Harvey blew me away. He looked GREAT. Electric. I did not think he threw that hard, and watching what I saw, I was mystified at how his college and minor league stats were not better. Was he so good and so confident that he used the minors like veteran pitchers use spring training, to work on things, experiment, and fine tune?WAY too early to tell, but Harvey made feel as though we may---MAY---have a great potential duo for years in he and Wheeler.It’s one start, but I sure as hell cannot wait until Tuesday. Harvey looked great, and is even hitting 1.000.Cannot ask for much more in a debut.
What did you think of Matt Harvey? Is he a future ace or just another Mike Pelfrey?