This week's question:August 19, 2013 - one year from today - will Johan Santana be a Met? Also, what's your opinion on what's going on with him right now?Daniel Stein-Sayles:
I'm almost certain that Johan Santana will be on the Mets this time next year because his $25 Million dollar contract. What is wrong with him right now, maybe he is still injured? Maybe he is struggling with his mechanics? Before the last handful of games before and after the injury Santana was pitching great and most people including myself thought he was back to the old Santana. His last handful of starts have shocked me because Santana has always found away to make adjustments from inning to inning and start to start. Right now he has shown no sign of improvement. If he is at all injured he should be shut down immediately and if not he should go out every fifth start and attempt to work on his craft. We can only hope for the best in what is another lost season.
Spencer Schneier:
Yes he will. That contract is untradeable. I think Johan is missing spots with the fastball which you can't do with 89 mph. He'll be fine
No question about it, he'll still be a Met.  Forget the contract, an aging pitcher in decline coming that had a surgery that so little is known about: no one's trading for that guy.  As for his problems right now, I just think that his schedule has been so erratic lately that he can't find a rhythm, and especially coming off the shoulder surgery he needs a set throwing schedule to stick to.  Between the ankle injury, the 3-innings for Brooklyn, and the early exit in his first game back from the DL he's been all over the place throwing wise, no consistency whatsoever.  Another issue is that he started throwing well before ST this year b/c of the shoulder surgery, so perhaps his arm is starting to tire out before the season's over.  It's hard to imagine him not fighting his way through his struggles and having some good starts down the stretch and being a serviceable pitcher next year as well.
I think some are missing part of the question.   One year from today Johan could certainly be in play as a waiver trade.  Even at the deadline next year.   Pitching is always at a premium at the deadlines so It's up to how Johan pitches and where the Mets are.
Mr. North Jersey:
OK, I think come August 19, 2013 Santana will still be here because of the amount of money owed him preventing him to be traded during the off season and if he is pitching well I don't think they will trade him at the trade deadline. If he is pitching poorly no one will want him at the trade deadline.Santana says he feels fine but he also does not seem to opposed to the idea of being shutdown for the rest of the year. I think he may just be suffering from a tired arm but I am concerned that trying to pitch through it may result in a bigger injury.
Well, what is going on with him is that he is done as anything more than a back of the rotation arm, if he is even that. He once was one of the very best pitchers in the game so sure, he can on occasion pitch a good game or two; yes, he pitched a nice no/1-hitter against the Cards when they were down, and has been atrocious since then.Just one more part of Omar’s horrific legacy.Will he be a Met in one year? Hopefully he can pitch well enough early next year that they can deal him for something of value and cut some of the horrible salary commitment.Overall, it is just another example of where this team is.Still paying for Omar’s terrible failures and utterly hamstrung by Wilpon finances.
Connor O'Brien:
Wow, I was a little surprised about most of the answers to the first question. I think Santana will still be a Met come net year, but TRS is right when he says that teams will get desperate. Depending on which or how many are on the market, his value may go up and the Mets may have ti eat less of his salary and that could propel the team to trade him.Right now, if he has one more bad start, they have to just shut him down. Sure, his velocity is there, but that doesn't mean he isn't hurt or his arm hasn't been overused. It was asking a lot of him to go out and try to pitch a full season this year after not pitching at all last year. Hopefully net year he will be fine and will contribute down the stretch..