This week's question:Does Ike Davis have what it takes to become a superstar?Kingman26:
No, but he has what it takes to be a valuable player. Ike can become a better version of the 2010 Ike, assuming last year’s injury did not permanently affect his MLB-level abilities. A player with good offensive skills, who might K too much, but has nice power and good RBI abilities. And whose overall game is dramatically enhanced by his excellent defensive skills. Ike needs to listen to his coaches and STOP whining about calls to umps, or he’ll never get another call in his whole career. If he doesn’t get going soon, a few weeks in AAA to rake and regain confidence might be the best thing for him. Superstar? No. Valuable, central piece for a title team a few years down the road when we have a great rotation anchored by Wheeler and Harvey hopefully? Definitely yes.
Daniel Stein-Sayles:
He certainly could become a superstar however I think it's more likely he becomes an above average regular. In my mind a superstar is great in most aspects of the game and I see Ike having great power, being an above average fielder but he offers no speed and I question for how high an average he can hit. It's possible he could hit around .300 with an excellent OBP but I don't love the odds and in my mind that's what he would need to become a "superstar".
Paul Festa:
He’ll either be Darryl Strawberry or Adam La Roche.  Missing as much time as he did last year has clearly affected his rhythm, and who knows what unreported effects he’s feeling from Valley Fever.  In my pre-season projection for Ike, I said he would be fine if he A) Stayed healthy, and B) laid off the curve in the dirt.  He seems to be accomplishing A so far, but certainly not B.  If he can put both of those items together, he will be a superstar.
Absolutely.  He still has tremendous power.  He's still a cleanup hitter.  He's still a gold-glove caliber defender.  He's just had one bad month, but the things we've seen in him in the past that made us think he could be a star are still there.
ConnorUAF (me):
I think Ike does have the talent to become a star. He has shown that he has legitimate power. Whether or not he can hone the rest of his approach at the plate remains to be seen. He will surely bounce back this season.In the field, he is going to be a Gold Glove first baseman without a doubt. He is already a really good defender, and will only get better with age.
I don't really know what "superstar" is, but I can say that I think Ike will develop into a Carlos Pena type player, lot of power, good defense, good plate discipline, but low averages and streaky hitting. His defense should offset the streaks at the plate, allowing him to always contribute something to the team. I haven't changed my opinion of Ike since the start of the season, because his OPS is right where Albert Pujols' is right now, so it would be good to remember that it is only May.
Sure but he is hiding it well.
Mr. NJ:
Superstar? You mean like a Ken Griffey jr or Albert Pujols? Cause that is what I think of when I think of Superstar. I'd have to guess probably not but then again who can every really predict such a thing? I know I can't. I believe Ike has shown glimpses of how good he can be and he can be really good if he can ever put it together but he's young so it's a wait and see approach.
Gonzo Will:
No.....I think Ike Davis could be a real solid player good for about 20 homeruns a year.  His defense is pretty good, he could pick it in the dirt and I like his attitude.  the bigger question is should the Mets sign him once he becomes a free agent.