This week's question to the RDMB staff:What's your take on the shutdown of Stephen Strasburg?Kingman26:
I am very proud of the Mets for taking a page from the Nats' book and shutting down their offense for the year so it will be well-rested for 2013.
Silly and dumb, they have a chance to win it all and won't have their best pitcher pitching.
Daniel Stein-Sayles:
I disagree with shutting him down because even without being shut down he could still get injured at any time. Also the Nats may look like they have a bright future and they project him to help them in playoff runs for years to come but that can't be taken for granted. Everyone was saying after 2006 that it was just the beginning of the Mets run in the playoffs and it ended up being the end of the run. Teams must strike while the iron is hot.
My response?  Do we really think the Nats who have never won anything would actually shut down their best player if they thought it was a debatable situation?   I defer to the ones with the most at stake and the 101 doctors I am sure they have involved.  Why would any of us think we know more about the situation than they do?
Mr. North Jersey:
I haven't really followed this as far as what the Nats front office, manager, Players, coaches and Strasburg himself have said on the topic but the way I see it this move only pays off if the Nats win a World Series this year or in the next 2 or 3 years and as long as Strasburg actually avoids a serious injury due to pitching. If the Nats don't win a W.S. in the coming years I can imagine the "what if" factor creeping in as to what if he played would that had been the difference? Also I can only imagine the outrage if they shut him down don't win a W.S. and Strasburg still winds up with a pitching injury. I have been a fan of Rizzo's work and his decisions for the most part have been paying off so looking at it from the outside I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that this will work out for him but it's a risky move to say the least.
It's absurd and downright stupid.  They have a great chance to go to the playoffs and do something meaningful once they get there and they're going to shutdown their best pitcher?  That makes no sense.  They're in the second best division in baseball; it's going to be tough to get back to the playoffs in future years, so you sure as hell need to go for it when you have a chance.  After 2006, who among us thought the Mets would definitely be back in the playoffs in the years to come?  Guess what, it didn't happen because there are no guarantees.  When you have a shot to do something, you have to put your best guys on the field and try to do it, which is exactly what the Nats are not doing by shutting him down.
Connor O'Brien
I think they made the right choice having an innings limit for Strasburg, but I think they made two big mistakes here. The first one was telling everyone. That was just stupid. It was a huge distraction for both Strasburg and his teammates. I also think they could've gotten creative with how they went about this. The Nationals could've started his season later, especially if they thought they thought the team would be in the playoff chase. Or they could've put him on the DL just to give his arm a break. I know people will say that this is a disruption of a pitcher's routine, but there are ways they could've gotten around that.
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