Happy Mother's Day everyone!Here's this week's Sunday Shots question:If you could go back in time, would you still sign Frank Francisco?ConnorUAF:
I think the Mets may have paid a little too much for Francisco. There were plenty of options available for them to grab. I was in favor of them signing Matt Capps, who signed a one-year, $4.5 million deal with a performance-based option for $6 million with the Twins. Capps was a proven closer, with a few quality years at the position, whereas Francisco had never really been a full-time closer for a full season. On top of that, Capps was cheaper. Another better option in my mind would have been signing Jonathan Broxton, who is having a good season with the Royals.Hopefully, Francisco will start pitching better so we can stop talking about this.
Probably.  You do need to have a power throwing guy that can close, and no one else in the pen really fits that description and has extensive experience closing.  Parnell is a flame thrower but not proven as a closer and Rauch is good, but not quite a bona fide closer, so it helps to have all of them, including Francisco.
Gonzo Will:
Great question!!!!!   I would say yes......I think if you look at the market then.. there were no available options for sandy.  What were his options internally?  It was the best option at the time.
Excellent and very difficult question.Francisco has been precisely what he has always been. Out of every 10 games, 6 or 7 he is great, 1-2 he is mediocre, and 1-2 he is awful.He has good stuff and throws hard, but has never been consistently excellent enough to be a reliable closer. He’s a good setup man. Which is valuable, but is not the same as a good closer.Sandy needed a closer and had to do something, and while the Francisco move was very questionable—maybe the MOST questionable of Sandy ’s tenure--it was somewhat understandable.If Parnell finally becomes the closer we have hoped for, a pen with him as closer and Francisco, Rauch, Byrdak and Ramirez is a damn good pen.Short answer? No, that was far too much for Frank. But, we needed someone, and he is better than what we had. Questionable move, but understandable.
Daniel Stein-Sayles:
It's too short of a contract to hurt the team. Relievers are so up and down by nature that Fransisco could turn it around later this year or even next year.
I would certainly, he's had some bad outings, but he has been pretty stable for most of his innings this year. I mean you get what you get when you pay just five and a half million dollars for a closer (I'm not a fan of expensive closers). I doubt we'll be regretting the signing if he continues to pitch decently and Sandy flips him to one of the teams that will be desperate for a bullpen arm later this season.
Peter Duffy:
Sure - why not?  It's May 12th, there's time to straighten out.  And if he doesn't, it's not a huge contract to eat in terms of years or money.  It's a very limited risk.  Now Jason Bay....
Does that mean I could have bet on the 69 Mets?  If so... sure why not?  I got money to burn.  However right now it looks bad but there is still plenty of time for it to get better or become completely disastrous.   Luckily it's not like an Omar folly and he can be discarded if needed with little lost in the grand scheme.
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