Welcome to this week's edition of Sunday Shots. Here is this week's question for the RDMB staff:What should the Mets do when Ruben Tejada returns- DFA Ronny Cedeno, DFA Omar Quintanilla, or send down Jordany Valdespin? Any other ideas?Kingman26:
Probably need to send Valdespin down and let him play 2B every day. Murphy simply is not the answer at any position, and Turner, Cedeno, and Quintanilla can share 2B for the rest of the year.The team has to forget about Murphy as an everyday player. Let him be a sub/PH, as he can hit off the bench and is very versatile in that he can poorly play at least 3-4 positions in late-game double switches.
Eventually two of those three will have to go because Tejada will come back and the Mets will also go back to seven relievers at some point. I think for the time being the obvious choice is Valdespin. He's made some nice contributions, as well as a couple not so good contributions, but ultimately he needs to be in Buffalo playing regularly. If he can get two full months of playing time in AAA he could come back in September and be a nice spark plug or shot of life to the team in September, assuming they're still in contention. As for Cedeno vs. Quintanilla, I would favor Quintanilla at this point. I think he's better defensively, and would provide a lefty counterpart to Tejada, as opposed to both Tejada and Cedeno being righties. Cedeno has also had problems staying on the field with injuries this year while Quintanilla fought through the hurt finger he had. That being said I would guess if the FO has to decide between the two, it'll be Quintanilla that gets DFA, in which case getting claimed on waivers is a distinct possibility.
Easy.   Send Vspun down... he's not ready and you don't want to lose a player just to keep him up.
Connor O'Brien:
I think we can all agree that the best move is sending Valdespin down. However, Bryan made a good point in that eventually, someone else will have to go. It's obviously not going to be Tejada. Turner has also contributed and is versatile. He's not going anywhere either. It's going to come down to Ronny Cedeno and Omar Quintanilla. My guess is Cedeno gets DFA'd because of his injury problems and because Quintanilla has just out-played him.
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