This week's Sunday Shots question: How would you address the shortage of right-handed bats in the Mets lineup?Here's the little conversation we had...Bryan:
There's not really much you can do, unless you trade Duda or Neuienhuis for a good righty bat that can play a good centerfield in a big ballpark, which would be real tough to find and very expensive. You have to hope Bay comes back and can be somewhat productive. If not, you have to rely on Wright, Tejada, and sometimes Hairston to be enough. I think one thing you can't do is force right handed bats in there just for the sake of putting in right handed bats. Most notably Turner at 1B. I'd rather have Ike play against lefties so at least you have his defense in the game, which can be as important as an extra hit or two.
I would wait for Bay and Torres to get healthy. I'm not putting my limited trade chips into anything other than bullpen help, especially when the lack of a right-handed bat is just because Bay has been out.
I keep reading they need a RH bat.  Isn't Hairston pretty damn good vs LH?  You already have two Cf and you shouldn't be platooning Duda  unless you can find an exceptional bat.  So to me unless you can get an Upton is there even a point or even a need?
I wouldn't mind a Duda platoon.
So are we done with him as a full time player then?  When does he learn to hit RH? When we aren't in a pennant race? Let's hope that isn't anytime soon.  So in short I am not platooning him for a mediocre player just because that guy swings from another side.  Do that might as well send Duda down.
I'm in favor of when Bay comes back platooning him and Kirk in left and Hairston and Duda in right. Torres and Baxter (when he comes back) in center. Although I prefer to see Torres every day.
Mr. North Jersey:
Really probably just have to wait for Jason Bay. A trade is always possible but who is available and what would it take is the harder question.
Connor O'Brien:
I don't really understand why people don't like Duda. I know he isn't the greatest of fielders, but he has huge power potential. I wouldn't touch that in the lineup, except occasionally against lefties.I'd also like to keep Kirk Nieuwenhuis. I like his potential as well, despite the high strikeout rate. I would also like to keep Scott Hairston because trading him would only be making the problem worse.  As for left field, I'd like the Mets to acquire some kind of power threat, whether that'd be Carlos Quentin, Chase Headley, or some other player the Mets can plug in to the middle of the lineup.That leaves Jason Bay and Andres Torres out of the picture...
What are your thoughts? What should be done (or not done)?