The Mets sent their lineup out this morning via Twitter and something was unusual about it.For just the seventh time in his career, Ruben Tejada will be hitting leadoff. In 32 total at-bats in the leadoff position, Ruben has hit .219. However, the Mets need someone to fill in for Andres Torres until he is able to return to action. But is Ruben right for the job?The answer is yes.What Ruben lacked before last season was a knack for getting on base. With just a .305 on-base percentage in 2010, if you asked me at the beginning of last year, I would have said "not a chance."Tejada should not only be given credit for what he has done with the glove, but also his improvement with his bat, which has gone unnoticed. Tejada made it to the majors for one reason: his defense. However, what he has done since has been very impressive. He came in as a weak-hitting shortstop who no one would take out of the eight hole in a lineup, to someone who can hit first or second. Last season, Tejada improved his on-base percentage to .360.He still has to work on his timely hitting and his hitting for power. He needs to hit more doubles and triples before he can secure a permanent spot as a leadoff man, but he is well on his way to doing so and should at least be given a chance.