Terry Collins in an article by Adam Rubin talked about what he told the players. In it he mentions Jose Reyes saying, “I told the players, Jose Reyes, I love Jose Reyes. He’s not in there anymore. I can’t worry about him,” but my favorite quote was the following,
“I don’t want these guys ever to come in that clubhouse where they’re not expected to win the game,” Collins said. “I don’t ever want to hear that. Yeah, we’re aware of what we’re facing. But I don’t want to have a bad game and have someone say, ‘We’re not supposed to win, so who cares? We had a bad game. Well, we’re not supposed to play good.’ I’m sorry, I’m not built like that. That’s probably why this is my third job. I’m not built like that. There are things that I expect to get done and we’re certainly going to work at getting those things done.”
Check out the rest of the article to read what else Collins had to say.