In a far more lucid and factual way than I ever could, Brian of Fonzie Forever puts forth some very sound reasons why Oliver Perez may in fact be the 2010 Mets second best starting pitcher.   I encourage anyone who hasn't read it yet to check it out.   An excerpt to whet your appetite:
  • How To Project Oliver for 2010?We start with what we know - or what we assume to be true.1. He was injured in 2009, so he is not going to be that bad again.2. His best year, in 2004, was way too long ago, and there is no reason to think he’ll be that good again.3. In 2007 and 2008, spanning 371 innings, he pitched as well as the average #2 starter.4. He is lefthanded, and has a fastball and a slider which both grade out as above-average pitches.5. He will only be 28 this year.
    This guy may very well be the # 2 SP many of us crave