After the year that was 2007, clearly the worst ending for me as a Mets fan, still remains fresh in everyone's mind from the owners, to the GM, to the coaching staff, to the players and even more so to the fans.   In early 2008, after many called for a change in the off-season of 2007, the Mets struggled and rumors were constant.   When, not will, Willie get fired?   The players answered question after question and time after time stood up for their manager.   Hard to think about the game when you don't know what the hell will happen from day to day.From the New York Post
"Amid that tumultuous backdrop, the Mets players tried to block out the noise and regroup. David Wright, though, indicated the players aren't overly sympathetic to Randolph's plight because they know Randolph wouldn't want that. "He's a New Yorker, he's knows what's going on and he knows when he signed up for this job that there was going to be a lot of scrutiny," Wright said. "The finger has to be pointed at somebody. That's just the nature of the beast."
From the AP:
"The Mets have lost seven of eight and 10 of 14 overall. With few fans remaining at Shea Stadium in the late innings, a chant of "Fire Willie!" could clearly be heard."It's like being booed," Randolph said. "It's the same thing more or less. They're expressing themselves." "Willie's job was never in danger going into this meeting," Minaya said. "Willie has my support. He has the support of our ownership. … There is no limbo period. Willie is the manager."So, was he told he'll definitely manage the Mets for the rest of the season?"No, they didn't say that," Randolph answered."
What precedes to happen.   The cloud remains until a midnight flight and a firing in the middle of the night.   Once the cloud is temporarily removed the players, refreshed go on to put themselves back in the race only to lose steam in September and fall just short again.   What happens during September?   The players see a return of the dark cloud, what will happen next?   Instead of clearing that cloud the Mets return the next season with the dark cloud firmly in place.   After a sluggish April the Mets free and clear of any clouds burst through May having their best May ever.   Leading to what?   Another dark cloud, the shoe that may drop at anytime.   What seems like an injury a day and players left and right go to the DL, some never to return.   Think this is not in the back of the players minds?   When they see guys like Beltran and Reyes go down, considering those two accounted for almost 1500 plate appearances between the 2 in 2008.In a town where pressure has been mounting since 2006, it wants answers.   Many, from owners, GM, Managers, Players and Fans, expect their product to perform on the field.   This is not the teams of yesteryear, this is our chance to win that 3rd WS, the one for our generation.   So with that in mind, instead of removing the dark cloud of 2007, 2008, 2009, the Mets have retained that cloud and will undoubtedly have to deal with it in embarrassing fashion at some point next season.   Let the 2010 rumors begin, let the shoe hang above our heads and throw the sunglasses away, FOR NOW.