lackey-hollidayAs the off-season rumor mill has started to churn, we have already heard many rumors about who the Mets like, don't like, will bid on and will not bid on.   Of course all the talking heads see it differently.   We here at TRDMB know that our fans voice is much more intelligent and informed than any of the talking heads.   Thus, we put this question to the test.Assuming money and years are similar should the Mets go after Holliday, Lackey or neither and pursue a different path.   We know these two will be the two most coveted players in the off-season and will demand the most in money and years.   As we vote, you may change your vote and in the comment section you can try and persuade your fellow readers to make the "correct" choice.   Have fun.   The winner will be announced tomorrow.VOTE HERE: (You must be registered and logged in to vote!)

Lackey or Holliday