AL Clubhouses/BarsNL Clubhouses/BarsThis must have been the scene in many AL/NL clubhouses and bars on 2/2/08 when the Mets officially acquired Johan Santana from the Twins. Since then Johan Santana has literally dominated the NL. Granted some of that success may be attributed to the fact that very few NL hitters have ever faced Johan. Tonight’s matchup is an opponent that Johan has not had to deal with for quite some time. We must remember had played with the Twins for 8 Years and has faced the Sawx a few times. The numbers break down like this:In 9 starts against the Boston Red Sox, Johan is  4-4 with a 3.40ERA, 1.24WHIP and a .250BAA  I don’t like using team stats too much as they don’t really reflect the changes the teams have made over the years. So using the lineup information that grave provided to us earlier, I researched their individual accomplishments (or lack thereof ;p) against the awesomeness that is Johan Santana  Ellsbury-Never Faced himPedrioa- 2/5 .400avg/ .400opsOrtiz- 2/11 .182avg/.250ops/ 4K’sYoukilis- 1-6 .167avg/.167opsDrew- 0/2 2K’sBay- 2/5 .400avg/.500opsLowell- 1/10 .100avg/.182opsVaritek- 8/18 .444avg/.500opsLugo- 4/22 .182avg/.217ops  Based off this and pretty much every time Johan has the ball, we got a shot to win tonight boys and girls. Lets go Mets!!Cant wait till he gets his for the NL