Perfect Fit?According to Stan McNealat The Sporting News:   Aubrey Huff can be had for next to nothing as long as the new team picks up all of the remaining money on his contract.   "Aubrey Huff — 1B, Orioles The veteran carries a solid bat and can also play outfield. A fringe prospect should be enough for Baltimore to unload what remains of Huff's $8 million salary."   (Hat tip to MLBTR for the link) (Other notables in the hitters market mentioned:   Mark Teahen, Nick Johnson, Freddy Sanchez)Huff has been a subject of desire on here for weeks.   To me this is exactly the type of move Omar SHOULD make.   It only cost money and does not produce any log jam once other players arrive (if they arrive).   He will also be a type A FA that for us is an easy arbitration offer but would be a very dangerous one for the O's.   Huff's stats are down this year compared to a monster 2008.   However, he does still have pop in his bat and could fill that void known as the Mets #6 hitter that I have reported on so many times.Would you trade a B- C type prospect for Huff and pick up his salary?