no-easy-fixAt this point things seem bleak at the MLB level.   It's early and you guys know I am the type to remain optimistic until the last shoe drops but man I can smell the dog crap on the bottom of the shoe already.     After reading the comments here and other places looking for how the Mets can get out of this mess it became clear to me, for the most part they can't.   However, if you do want some positives from your normally overly optimistic author here at TRDM I can do that too.   I don't want to hear how the solution I am going to give is giving up on the season and I will explain why that's not the case in a moment.     My easy fix may not lead to wins this year, however I believe it will help to bring excitement back to the Mets and an over-all hope for the future.
  1. Fire Jerry.   Yeah that one everyone knows but we have to turn a new page.   I am willing to give Omar one more chance and my reasoning is simple.   I believe that he has learned a lot of his lessons as is evident by not wasting tons of money on mediocre players last season as well as what seems like a new commitment to minor league development.   For the first time in years there is excitement in our farm system.
  2. Fire Hojo.   Look I liked Hojo as a Met and always picked the #20 as an athlete (Mostly because of Bryant Stith at UVA but I digress.)   The Mets offense is not living up to its potential and someone has to take blame for it besides just Jerry.
  3. Fire Warthen.   Do I really need to explain this?   It may not be his fault our SP suck but he sure the hell is not helping anything.   They need a guy that the pitchers have heard of and will respect.
  4. Call up Ike.   I know Ike may not be ready but I am not sure he gets any more ready in AAA nor do I think that he will be worse than Jacobs or Tatis.   Ike has been trained to be a professional by his father and is the heir to 1B regardless of what Murphy or anyone else does.   Bringing up a young slugger like Davis could help revitalize the fanbase.
  5. Call up Tejada for 2B/SS.   Let him give Reyes days off as well as phase Castillo out.   Yes Castillo will put up better stats than Tejada this year but will his contributions after factoring in defense make a difference on the overall out-come of the season?
  6. Call up Fmart for CF.   Problem here is that suddenly the Mets don't feel he can play CF.   If that's true then might as well trade him because I think Frenchy is too good of a fit for a team in desperate need of chemistry.   I say bring up Fmart and see if his CF abilities can be rediscovered.
  7. Call up Gee for #5.   The kid was looked at as a potential #5 last year and has shown promise again this year.   It appears his arm troubles are behind him.   He's known as a thinking pitcher so that would give us 3 pitchers with a brain in the rotation.
  8. Look to trade Reyes and even Beltran when he returns.   I know I am going to get raked for this one but it just does not look like the current Mets team will be good enough.   We are locked in on salary for the most part and don't have really any open areas in the lineup to fix this mess.   Beltran obviously would be difficult to trade due to his contract and NTC but with Fmart, Newie, etc I think we could survive if the return or the FA acquisition was sufficient.     Reyes would be the hardest for me to trade.   I love Reyes and think he is one of the most exciting players in baseball, however he has not performed in September when we needed him the most and his contract is nearing an end.   Tejada could most likely step in and give replacement level results which for a SS is not much anyway.     Could the trading of these two free up enough cash or net enough prospects to gain 2 quality SP?   If not then forget #8.
  9. Stop messing around and retire some damn all-time greats #'s.   At least remind us of when things were good.
  10. Stop pressing and have fun again.   This team over the last few years whether their fault or not has sucked the life right out of the fanbase.   It's hard to win with no home field advantage.   Perhaps after making some of these moves you come out and say that you screwed up and are moving in a different direction and need the fans behind you...
Look I know that many or most of these things will not happen.   I also these steps appear to contradict the title of the post.   However, as a frustrated optimist I started writing this as a 3 step process and just could not stop typing.   LGM???? Please?