At this point we have all unfortunately turned our hopeful eyes to next year.   We have cursed Omar, the Wilpons and Jerry.   We have traded for Pena and picked up Murton over and over again in our minds.   We have rehearsed what we would say to Lackey and dreamed of production from LF and 1B.   So today, I add one more that to me may trump them all.   It appears, based on various reports, including ESPN, that Dave Duncan is unhappy in St. Louis and this may be his last year.   Duncan is uncertain if he will return to St. Louis   in 2010.   According to the St. Louis Dispatch Duncan is unhappy with the Cardinals Minor League pitching philosophy. The one thing he is most upset with is that they fail to listen to his input and follow his plan.   Adding to this is Duncan is upset with the St. Louis media which he feels forced the trade of his son to the Sox.Lost in all of this are a few key words that makes him perfect for the Mets.   HE HAS A PLAN AND A PITCHING PHILOSOPHY. Duncan over the course of the years has been regarded as a premier pitching coach and often in my eyes made chicken salad out of chicken uhm excrement.     With the Mets having an unhappy Santana and 4 question marks there may not be guy on the coaching staff as important as the pitching coach.   Duncan would add credibility to the staff regardless of Jerry or no Jerry.   Bring in Duncan and let him manage the decisions with the pitchers taking something away from Jerry that he is terrible at.   Who knows what Duncan can do with the likes of Pelfrey, Perez, and the cast of #5's?