"Journalists" have been "reporting" that their "sources" have told them that Jose Reyes is a Miami Marlin since early last week.  Even Dwight Gooden got into the act:    Yes, there has been a miasma of rumors, assumptions, and occasional facts about the free agent shortstop's career plans lately.  And every "report" raises more questions:What exactly have the Marlins offered Reyes?One website claimed the amount was $22MM per year for a length of 3 years.  Today, Buster Olney reported the contract to be 5 years, $18-20MM per year.  Does anyone actually know?  And if Olney is right, it's not an unreasonably high offer.But all we really know is that the Marlins gave him a tour of their new ballpark and bought him a seafood lunch.Why haven't the Mets made an offer?Some Mets fans are beside themselves: The Mets are a New York team!  Why aren't they spending like one?  It's because Sandy Alderson is a small-market GM who still thinks he's in Oakland or San Diego, that's why!Where have these people been the last 12 months?  It doesn't matter if they play in New York or not, the Mets are broke.  Do the names Madoff and Picard mean anything to them?  For the first time in several years, the Mets did not spend big money on a free agent last offseason - not because they didn't want to, it was because they couldn't.  It was because of the reckless spending of the Minaya regime coupled with the Madoff mess.  The Wilpons finally had to admit that the money they lost did, in fact, impact baseball operations.While the Mets try to get back on their feet, Alderson, a GM who is used to working with a limited payroll, is charged with making the most of what they have, while rebuilding the team for the future.  And he has stated that he will let the rest of the league set the market for Reyes.Why haven't other teams made an offer?Strictly going on "reports" from "journalists" with "sources," no other team seems to have made a run at Reyes.  If that's true, what is the reason?  Could it be that they, like the Mets, are waiting for someone else to make the first offer?  Could it be that they don't trust Reyes's hamstrings, and feel that a long-term deal would be foolish?  If Olney's report is true, wouldn't other teams begin to make counter-offers?For the Marlins, ignoring the risks, and making an offer to Reyes makes sense.  They need to draw people to their new ballpark, and given their history of pathetic attendance, they need to make a big splash (no pun intended).  It seems like they are making a play to appeal to the Hispanic community.  Given the demographics of Miami, and the neighborhood that surrounds the new ballpark, this is a wise move.  First, they signed Ozzie Guillen to manage, and now they "reportedly" made an offer to Reyes.  These are two Latin-American men with big personalities, and a history of being fan favorites, who would get people streaming through the turnstiles in Miami.*******So, as of the moment I push the "Publish" button,  Jose Reyes is still a free agent, no matter what you've heard.  He may end up with the Marlins, he may shop around some more, he may even get an offer from the Mets.  But until ink hits paper, no one really knows what is going on with Jose Reyes.