So my original intent was a look back at a where are they now feature for each 1st and 2nd round pick for the Mets since 1986. I will still do that but what struck me is this. Omar and the Mets get a lot of criticism for not drafting well. However, from looking at just our top 2 picks each year since 2001 (obviously not all Omar) the Mets have done much better than they have in the years from 1986-2000. As I post these take a look for yourself. Obviously I was just a young baseball fan when some of these players were trying to make it, however the lack of even name recognition for so many during that time period is astounding.1986: January Draft:Mike Thompson #22:can't find anything on this guy, possibly traded to Red SoxCarl Jones #48: also missing in action, could have been traded to the A's1986 June Draft:Lee May #21: 8 years of minor league ball that produced .221 BA, .228 OBP, .290 SLG, .519 OPS.   Never made it to the majors and I haven't a clue why.Fritz Polka (LOL) #49: 4 years   .227 BA Never made it to the majors1987 Draft:Chris Donnels #24:   Was in and out of the majors from 1991-2002.   Finished his career in the majors with a .238 BA and .737 OPS.Todd Hundley #39:   Played 14 years in the majors from 1990-2003 and produced a line of .234 BA and .763 OPS.   Had 2 magical years that produced 71 of his 202 HR.Pete Shourek #56:     Pitched for 11 years in the majors from 1991-2001 and finished with an ERA of 4.59 with a 66-77 record.1988 Draft:Dave Proctor #21: Pitched in the minors for 4 years and finished with a 3.17 ERA.   From looking at the stats he pitched 3 bad innings for AA in 1992 and never returned.Jeff Seale #51:   I got nothing1989 Draft:Alan Zinter #24:   Mostly a minor league career.   Did make it to the majors in 2002 and 2004 producing a line of .167 BA .548 OPSTom Engle #54:   Bounced around minors and ind. league for 7 years and finished with an ERA of 4.37.   Never made it to the majors.1990 Draft:Jeromy Burnitz #17: Played 14 years in the majors and finished with .253 BA, .826 OPS, 315 HR and 1376 K's.Aaron Ledezma: #57: Played 5 seasons in the majors .296 BA, .703 OPS.1991 Draft:Al Shirley #18:   Played 8 years in the minors producing a .213 BA, .685 OPSBobby Jones #36:   Pitched 10 years with a 89-83 record 4.36 ERSBill Pulsipher #65: Pitched 6 years with a 5.15 ERAMarc Kroon #72: Pitched 4 years in the majors 7.76 ERA, most of his time in the minors1992 Draft:Preston Wilson #9:.264 BA .797 OPS in 1o seasons from 1998-2007.   Very consistent player from 1999-2003 including a season in 2003 where he had 141 RBI.   Chris Roberts #18: 8 seasons in the minors finishing with a line of 52-58 and a 4.25 ERAJon Ward #30:   Never pitched for the the Mets and was redrafted in 1995 by the Cardinals.1993 Draft:Kirk Presley #8: 5 unhealthy seasons in the minors, finished with a 4.04 ERA in 147 innings.Eric Ludwick #50: 4 seasons in the majors with a record of 2-10 and an ERA of   8.351994 Draft:Paul Wilson #1: Spent 7 seasons in the majors with a 40-58 record, 4.86 ERA.   Classic #5 starter when healthy.Terrence Long #20: 8 years in the majors produced a .269 BA, .722 OPS.Jay Payton #29:   2008 was Payton's last year.   He  logged 11  years and has a career line of   .278 BA, .747 OPS.   He finished 3rd in ROY voting in 2000.Sean Johnson #35: 54 innings, 2.84 ERA in 2 seasons?   Injured?Matt LeCroy #63:Played 8 mlb seasons for the Twins, .260 BA .766 OPS.   Put up impressive numbers in the ind. league last year.1995 Draft:Ryan Jaroncyk #18: 5 minor league seasons .237 BA, .621 OPSBrett Herbison #48: 7 minor league seasons 30-50, 4.54 ERA1996 Draft:Robert Stratton #13: 11 minor league seasons, lots of power no average.   .243 BA, .831 OPS.Brendan Behn #48: 4 minor league seasons, 4.34 ERA.1997 Draft:Geoff Goetz #6:Never made it out of AA in 9 seasons.   Finished with a 22-20 record and a 3.64 ERA.Tyler Walker #58:   Pitched 6 seasons as a reliever in the majors with an ERA of 4.56.   Currently pitching in AAA for the Phillies with an ERA of 1.59.1998 Draft:Jason Tyner #21: .275 BA, .673 OPS line in 8  MLB seasons.   Currently in AAA and hitting in the .100's.  Pat Strange #64:  7 season in the minors 64-39, 4.16 ERA and 2 terrible short appearances in the MLB.1999 Draft:Neal Musser #73:  Currently pitching for the Astro's AAA team.   Has an ERA of 3.80 and a record of 57-54 in 11 minor league seasons.Jake Josephs #84: 34-37, 4.15 ERA in 7 minor league seasons.2000 Draft:Billy Traber #16:5.54 ERA in the majors over 4 partial seasons.   49-39, 3.58 ERA in 7 minor league seasons.   Currently pitching in AAA with the RSox and has a 3.12 ERA.Bob Keppel #36: 2 brief MLB appearances that are horrible.   56-59, 4.55 ERA in 10 minor league seasons.   Currently pitching in AAA for the Twins with a 2.40 ERA.Mathew Peterson #65:  9 minor league seasons 54-46, 3.91 ERA.   Currently pitching in AA for the Marlins.2001 Draft:Aaron Heilman #18: 3 great seasons as a reliever.   Nothing since.   Currently with the Cubs and has a 4.68 ERA as a mop up man.David Wright #38:  Mets best draft pick in the last 25+ years.   .312 BA, .923 OPS as his career averages.   133 HR, 500+ RBI, 100+ SB, 888 hits at age 26.Alhaji Turay #70 (who the hell is this?) 7 minor league seasons .258 average.Corey Rangsdale #76: 8 minor league seasons,  finished with a  .207 BA.2002 Draft:Scott Kazmir #15:Ugh 51-41, 3.85 ERA in 6 seasons.   This years stats make Mets fans privately feel just the slightest bit relieved.   7.69 ERA.2003 Draft:Lastings Milledge #12:   This one makes most Mets fans laugh out loud instead of privately.   .261 BA, .721 OPS major league average.   Demoted this season after starting with a .167 BA, .397 OPS.   Yes a .397 OPS, has anyone ever had an OPS that low?   Currently he is focused on his rap career as his AAA numers this year still have him with under a .600 OPS.2004 Draft:Phillip Humber #3:5 seasons in the minors. 29-30 record 4.43 ERA.   Disastrous numbers in his brief stint in the ML B.   Will always be known to Mets fans as a key pieces in the Santana trade.   To think that some said he would be better than Pelfrey.Matthew Durkin #44:   4 minor league seasons never made it past single A.   2005 Draft:Mike Pelfrey #19: Perhaps still a mystery, had a break out season last year going 13-11 with a 3.72 ERA.   Total MLB numbers 22-22, 4.40 ERA.2006 Draft:Kevin Mulvey #62: Has respectable minor league numbers over the course of 4 seasons.   21-23, 3.49 ERA total.   This season with the Twins AAA he has an ERA of 4.14.2007 Draft:Eddie Kunz #42:Currently with the Mets AAA team 3.12 ERA struggling with his control. Think about this, Kunz has the longest tenure of any of the 1-2 round picks still with the Mets besides David Wright and Mike Pelfrey.Nate Vineyard #47: Retired.   LOL.Scott Moviel #77: Still don't know what we have here.   2nd arm surgery has forced him to sit out 2009 so far.Brant Rustich #93: 7-5 2.84 ERA in 3 minor league seasons.   Still in single A at age 24.   2008 Draft:Ike Davis #18:   After struggling last season, Davis is starting to show some promise in A ball.   .283, .828 OPS this season.   Still not showing the power the Mets expected.Reece Havens #22: Struggling to hit.   Could be because of injuries.   .234, .775.   The fact that he can have an OPS that high and hit in the .230's shows something I guess.Brad Holt #33:   Could be the best draft pick left in the Mets minor league system.   Recently made his AA debut and has a line of 9-4, 2.34 ERA in less than a full season.