I've been silent long enough.  It's been a long November.I must admit, the turkey tasted pretty good this year.  My Philly in-laws were quiet and humbled  by their team's  unexpected exit from the first round and the realization that the Eagles stink on ice. (they did, however, rub a little dirt in my face over last weeks Giant loss).  My Yankee father was happy because he discovered Jack Daniel's.He consequently swore the stuff off the next day.But speaking of baseball, let's examine some.  Jonathon Papelbon to the Phillies!  I like the fact that the Phillies have done the two things I wish every team could do:  lure a great picture away from the Yankees with less money(Lee) and stick it to Scott Boras(Madison) .  However, Papelbon is a shaky closer at best, I've seen some saves that he's blown and I'll tell ya, sometimes I think he's the one hitting the Jack Daniel's.  I know the Phillies have the team and all but what are they going to do?  Win a game 0-0? They can't hit and now that Ryan Howard is on the bench for a while, it might be a little tougher this year.  Maybe Howard can eat the Achilles Subway Sandwich to help him get on the field sooner.   Somehow, I'm just not as impressed nor intimidated by the Phillies as I used to.  I see it this way, the way things are going down there, I hear a very loud creaking noise and it's a window closing...fast.Do you think Jose Reyes might be a little concerned that he has only drawn one offer so far?  Not for nothing but I'm not surprised that teams are weary of signing Reyes due to his track record with injuries.  If I'm Alderson, I'm taking notes here for it seems that N.L. Batting Champ is not as popular as he might believe.  I really hate the fact that Loria, the owner of the Marlins or whatever they want to call themselves, suddenly has all this money to spend.  What the hell has he been doing since he walked out of on the Expos all these years?  Reyes better watch it, knowing the Florida, they'll buy a team, win and then trade everyone off.It's not like they've done it before.  Perhaps Jose should accept Arbitration-but that's just me talking.I'll be happy about baseball's new alignment when it's even for every team.  I'm not going to approve an inter-league schedule that has the Phillies playing Kansas City while the Mets are playing the Yankees.  That's just fair on so many levels.Speaking entirely the opposite of baseball, can anyone tell me why I can't find a decent Monster Movie on Thanksgiving Day?  I may be showing my age here, but as a kid, WOR TV(Channel 9 for all you local New York/Jersey people) showed Godzilla movies all day and then King Kong all day on Friday.  I may be wrong but I think I do remember Robin Hood (the Errol Flynn Version) in there somewhere.Not that I would opt for those films over Football, but it would be nice to check in with a guy dressed in a rubber suit smashing tanks that ran on AAA batteries every once in a while.  I'm not even going to address Chilla Theater for those of you who go back that far.So the only news coming out of Citi Field is the that fences are being moved in.....I hope they don't regret that and decide to move back home plate next year.  Which leads me to my next point, Met Purgatory....which is what every Met fans seems to be in at this point.  Honestly, do you think we can just speed up time for the Minors and get some of these kids they 've been bragging about?I'm done with the NBA.  I don't care if the season is back......I'd rather watch the NCAA.  At least they all care about the game.I hope Jerry Sandusky gets convicted and sent to a Turkish Prison like that guy in Midnight Express.Finally, I hope everyone had something to be thankful for on this great American Holiday.Me, I was thankful for the family and country I live in.And the lessons I've learned.