Wow, what a stressful game that was.  Johan is pitching incredible, only has 90 pitches through 6 (I know that is a lot for only 6 innings but you have to leave him out for one more inning, right?).  Batista was able to pitch a clean 7th so what is the problem with pulling Johan early?  One more inning to screw up.That they did in the 8th.  Rauch who had been incredible all year had a rough time with the home plate umpire.  Honestly I thought he was the beneficiary of some early calls but evidently it was a give and take relationship.  Eventually Rauch would leave with the bases loaded in favor of Tim Byrdak who would face pinch hitter Todd Helton with the bases loaded and 2 outs.   That's fine as Byrdak has been great against LH all season, ugh.  Grand Slam. OK so tie game.The Mets offense then proceeded to do what it had all game, get runners on.  I am not going to even discuss that issue as it has been expressed in columns all across Mets land.  Eventually you have to knock a bunch of these guys in.  So where was I?  Oh yeah, Wright walked (David managed to get on base 5 times tonight) advanced to 2nd, moved to 3rd on a balk and got stranded.Game over right?  You know they can't hold the bottom of the 9th.  Thankfully Bobby Parnell was brilliant finishing off a clean bottom of the 9th.  In the top of the 10th, did I mention the Mets can get runners on?  PH extraordinaire Mike Baxter singled to RF bringing up Lenny Dykstra. Captain Kirk.  With a drive to LF, Baxter was able to ride his horse all the way around in to score giving the Mets the lead again.Frankie was ready to close out the game if not for the screaming rocket from Cargo to RF that cleared the wall to tie the game again.  Tum Tum Tum Tums... Of course Francisco also gave up a single to Tulo as well to add to the stress level and blown save.  Frankie then retired the next batter, walked Rauch's buddy Helton and then got Ramon Hernandez to pop out.Time to get runners on, again.  David Hot Wright singled up the middle followed by a single from Duda that moved Wright over to 3rd.  So Scott Hairston just needs a nice fly ball to take the lead or maybe a fielders choice that just gets the runner at 2nd out and can't advance Wright?  Another left on base ugly inning is shaping up nicely.  Especially with Ike Davis at the plate, luckily for the Mets maybe Ike is turning the page.  Ike singled to Left bringing in Wright.  Davis finished 3/6 today so hopefully that is the spark.  Thole would ground into a double play later but I will mention that he did hit his first HR of the year in the 5th inning after looking awful against Moyer the first two plate appearances.So can we break the trend?  Mets score, blow it, get a lot of runners on, blow it, score some runs, blow it.  Repeat.  It looked like a big NO with 2 outs and a bomb to LF from Scutaro but thankfully it fell silently into Hairston's glove ending the game and causing a big case of cold chills followed by a bout of nausea.But the good news is the Mets win in 11.Obviously there is plenty more good news but I certainly didn't feel like that right as the game ended.  Johan looked like an ace, the Mets finally scored a run for him but of course robbed him of a win.  Oh yeah this is supposed to be the good things.  Wright is hitting almost .400 with a .506 OBP.  Kirk is looking like MR. Clutch.  Duda's swing looks much better, Davis doubled his average today (OK maybe not exactly but he's back over .180).  The Mets have their top 4 players and Thole all hitting over .300. At least until Terry automatically puts Torres back in the lead off spot tomorrow.  What in the hell?  Parnell looked great going 1.1 innings without a hit or a walk and finally the Mets won the series in Colorado after a heat breaking embarrassing game on Friday.Tomorrow the Mets play @ the Astros with RA Dickey facing Bud Norris at 8:05.