So Roy Halladay ends up a Phillie and  Lackey will pitch between Beckett and Lester.   The Mets? Well they  are the kids stuck in the snow looking in at the toys in the window.  But lets just wait a second and examine what really happened yesterday and figure out why Met fans are angry. The Phillies simply swapped aces.   Lee was not interested in signing a long extension forcing the Phillies to deal him and grab an ace that will.   So in essence, the Phillies are 5-6 games better with Halladay than without him.   Y'know, I never counted on Halladay becoming a Met, I always thought that Lackey was the one to end up pitching in Flushing. So I'm more upset about the Lackey signing than anything.   I have no problem  being  outbid by the Red Sox, I have a   major problem with the lack of the Mets involvement- which now seems to be none.   That's what gets me angry.   Were they asleep at the switch?   Did they not see this coming?   I can't wait to see this spin in the local newspaper.I felt that this team was a #2 starter and a right fielder away from pulling even with the Phillies.   As I previously wrote, as long as the big three were still available, I wouldn't panic.   Well, two are gone and one of them went to the worst team I could think of.   I'm not in a panic, I'm quite numb.The result of yesterday will result in the Mets forcing to get either Bay or Holliday.   Their #2 starter?   Your guess is as good as mine.  The bottom line is that I just feel a little foolish thinking that this team was going to do the right thing by the fans and the organization.  The Fan Base is hurting and the season ticket money is due.Let's put it this way, if you go to Citi Field, you will have a lot of stretching room because I'm sure the seat next to you won't be occupied, unless it's by a rival   Yankee or Phillie fan.This is what the Wilpons want and boy are they going to get it.   It really is their decision not to pursue any big money free agent so now they will stare at a really nice empty stadium.  The conclusion is this, I will root for the Mets because they are my team.   However, I feel like I've been lied to.   The meeting Jeff and Omar had with Mike Francesa of WFAN was a big joke.    While they were telling their fans they would improve the team, they were kicking themselves under the table   and surpressing a laugh like a bunch of eighth graders.       I still think there is hope and I'm trying to stay positive about the 2010 season but it may be that  I'm  in the minority.It seems that the disappointing 2009   season doesn't want to end.       I'm trying to turn the page, the Mets won't let me.