After drawing out our tournament as long as physically possible, we finally have a winner.  Much like the NCAA Tournament, there was no surprise in the winner as the #1 seed overall took home the title.
It is forever a moment in Mike Piazza’s Mets career.People still stop the former catcher on the street to talk about the home run.Piazza hit 427 homers over 16seasons, but none resonates more than his shot off Braves reliever Steve Karsay on Sept. 21, 2001, during the first professional sports game played in New York after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.Piazza’s two-run blast gave the Mets the lead in a game they would go on to win.“In that particular moment, people just really wanted something to cheer about,” Piazza said Friday while visiting Ladder 3 firehouse on E. 13th St. “It was a blessing for me to be part of it. I’m so fortunate to have been in that situation and to have come through.” – Daily News
Mike Piazza's heroic moment does in deed cross the normal sports lines from just being a Mets fan to many people across the US feeling the magic of the moment.  Because of the horrific events that occurred people across the United States of America became New York fans and this moment gave many the chance to enjoy the national pastime.This was a great competition and I really enjoyed hearing some of the personal stories of Mets fans.  The where were you part of this series means much more than the outcome of the vote.Be thinking of another topic that we can run in this same manner.