Yesterday we saw a match-up of the 1969 Mets vs. The 2006 Mets.  While the voting is currently a landslide in favor of 1969, there is still time to vote as voting will remain open through the first round.Day 2 of our tribute to the NCAA tournament:  Mets Greatest Regular Season Moments of All Time provides us with another intriguing match-up.  Our 1 vs 8 match-up forces Piazza to battle himself in a match-up of pivotal Home runs.To see the bracket, please return here.
It is forever a moment in Mike Piazza's Mets career.People still stop the former catcher on the street to talk about the home run.Piazza hit 427 homers over 16seasons, but none resonates more than his shot off Braves reliever Steve Karsay on Sept. 21, 2001, during the first professional sports game played in New York after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.Piazza's two-run blast gave the Mets the lead in a game they would go on to win."In that particular moment, people just really wanted something to cheer about," Piazza said Friday while visiting Ladder 3 firehouse on E. 13th St. "It was a blessing for me to be part of it. I'm so fortunate to have been in that situation and to have come through." -- Daily News
 Mets fans were hoping for a dramatic victory.  That was quickly stomped on by the bat of Brian Jordan when he hit a 3-run HR off Eric Cammack in the eighth inning to give the Braves what appeared to be an insurmountable 8-1 lead.  It appeared as if Fireworks Night would fizzle out as it had in previous years.  But then the sparklers made an appearance....The score was now 8-8.  Mike Piazza was the next batter.  I knew this game was ours.  There was no way Mulholland was going to get Piazza out.  Shea Stadium was ready to explode even more than it already was.  Then came the pitch to Piazza and with one mighty swing, Piazza yanked a screaming line drive down the left field line.  From our seats in the right field corner, we couldn’t tell if the ball was going to hook foul.  It seemed like the longest three seconds of our lives……and then…sheer euphoria!The ball hit the padding above the left field wall, just barely fair.  The crowd erupted!  Strangers were hugging strangers.  People were stepping on my dropped sandwich and didn’t care that their shoes were going to have a turkey and cheese smell.The upper deck was shaking as if it was going to collapse and we didn’t care.  I had completely lost my voice and it was the best feeling in the world!  The Mets had just scored ten runs in the eighth inning against the hated Atlanta Braves, nine of which came after two men were out.  The fireworks were out at Shea before the game had ended, courtesy of Mike Piazza’s bat.
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