Yesterday we saw a match-up of the Pizza vs. Piazza. While the voting is heavily in favor of Piazza's post 9-11 moment, there is still time to vote as voting will remain open through the first round.Day 3 of our tribute to the NCAA tournament:  Mets Greatest Regular Season Moments of All Time provides us with what I think is a chance for an upset.  Our 3 vs 6 match-up forces us to chose between sentimental moments that could be influenced by more recent events.  Today we chose between Nohan and Gary Carter's opening day home-run.To see the bracket, please return here.
No one wearing Mets’ blue and orange had done it, not Tom Seaver, not Dwight Gooden, not Nolan Ryan. Met pitchers have thrown 36 one-hitters, but their missing no-no was one of the most glaring omissions in baseball history.Santana’s teammates mobbed him at the mound. Fans went crazy. The scoreboard read, simply, “No-Han” and the Mets, in their 51st season — they are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their inaugural season all year — have a signature pitching performance for the ages. A few minutes later, in the dugout, several Mets doused Santana with champagne and then they gave him a standing ovation when he arrived in the clubhouse.Santana spoke for a moment and said, “Thank you” to his teammates. “I thanked them because we, as a team, made history,” he said.“I knew that the Mets have never had a no-hitter. I never had one,” added the lefthander, who joked that he didn’t think he’d ever thrown one while playing video games, either. “To be able to accomplish this, it’s an honor. I know how much it means to New York and the New York Mets. I’m very proud of it and very happy to be a part of it. “-- Daily News
"Acquired from Montreal, the Mets paid Carter handsomely to be their backstop, and his regular-season debut in that role came on April 9, 1985 against the Cardinals. He immediately endeared himself to his new team and their fan base with a 10th-inning home run that landed in the Cardinals' bullpen for a 6-5 win. Nowadays, they would call that a walk-off. Back then it was just a win."''I feel wonderful, enthusiastic, excited, every kind of adjective you could think of, '' Carter said. ''If I were to have a fantasy, it couldn't have been written any better than this. To have a curtain call on the first day is really exciting. I didn't have many curtain calls in Montreal. I guess it was because they expected those things.''--- St. Louis Post Dispatch
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