0I throwing in a dark horse for a pitching acquisition-Roy Oswalt.  He is under contract for the next two years but if the Astros are looking to cut payroll, I think the Mets should take a chance on him.   He is due 15 million  in 2010  and 16 million for 2011.   They overpaid him and they know it.  Roy Oswalt is coming off a bad year, his back has been giving him problems which caused the Astros to shut him down in September.       He is currently recovering from back surgery(herniated disk) and should be ready for Spring Training.    Oswalt was 8-6 and posted a 4.12 ERA,  he logged 181 innings this year.  I know that the Mets are hot on(depending on the latest rumor)Lackey or Holliday.   But from a financial point of view, look at Oswalt, he's only 31 and under contract for the next two years.   The money owed to him just might make him tradable without emptying the farm system.   The back injury just might make the Astros reconsider building their pitching staff around him.  Yea, I know, the why would the Mets get an pitcher with back issues, but lets put it another way.   Even if the Mets treated him with kid gloves for a while the upside would be tremendous.    He's a great arm and he loves the big stage.   He's a gamer.  Any thoughts?