Let me ask you, did you miss Carlos Beltran last night?   I didn't.   Where was Luis Castillo?   I didn't even see him in the dugout.  Ah, yes.   Last night brought back memories of that  May team that was so tough to beat....and so much fun to watch.   I hope that Manuel gives Beltran a lot of rest-maybe a whole months full so that he could be ready next year.  You think Beltran got the hint?   The subtle hint of "maybe should be playing less this year?"   Jerry Manuel wanted him to "rest", that's a good one.   What do you think he comes up with tonight?   Maybe by some bad coincidence, Beltran's brace gets mysteriously sent to Siberia.     "Sorry, Carlo's you can't play until September"   And personally, I'm dying to see what role Castillo is going to have off the bench.   What's he going to do?   Lay down a bunt with no one on?   Maybe he could come in for speed purposes if half the team comes down with food poisoning in the 8th inning.   Oh, I got it!   Castillo will come in when the Mets are up like 10-2 and play second to give the other team a chance to get back into the game.We all know the deal here, the Mets need a miracle, as a matter of fact, they need a lot of miracles but last night reminded me of what I like about this team, the fight, the youth and the energy.  A win a Citi Field...nice.Now lets bring some of the fun back and dig out the Curly Shuffle for the fans.