I've been floating on air since Sandy Alderson has been hired.   There's a bounce in my step and for the first time in a while, I'm actually looking forward to the Hot Stove.  I was trying to put my finger on it-y'know, what I've been feeling and I think I got it.Optimism and confidence.I  feel positive about the Mets.  Like now I know that there finally going somewhere.  And there is something ironic about that feeling because the last time I actually felt it was 6 years ago.  It was when Omar Minaya was brought in to replace Jim Duquette.   I remember like it was yesterday.  The bad Zambrano trade, the disappointing second half of the 2004 season(71-91) and a future that seemed so bleak that a playoff game seemed like a light year away.  Along came Omar with this positive vibe and optimism.  With him came this other feeling that now the Mets were going to be players again- and they were.Now I feel the same way with Sandy.Our own Rusty reminded us this week that "Rome wasn't  built in a day", but at least now I get to see the bricks being layed down for something big.  And unlike the past, now it looks like these bricks are going to resemble something like a solid future.I know Alderson is no mircle worker.  I'm not expecting the Mets to be in the playoffs next year. But now I know that they have direction.  They have the man with the plan. It just might be enough to make renew my season ticket plan.