So the Mets have a manager. Now what?The country can breathe again. The long search for a manager to lead the Mets is over. And once the Backman fans finish canceling their season ticket orders, what do we have to occupy ourselves for the next 3 months? That’s right, Hot Stove season!There seems to be a common perception among many fans that the off season was going to consist of hiring a FO and hitting the beach, what with only 5 million to spend and the roster set. A few scrap heap guys, call it a year, and wait for 2012.Well, I am not counting out some big moves happening. No I don’t expect any big $ FA signings. But there could be a lot more player movement than anticipated. Not just the usual minor leaguer shuffling and spare part moves. The Mets potentially have 2 very big names in play, with Beltran and Reyes on contract years. Beltran logically being the more likely option to move, but if Reyes doesn’t fit into the future vision for the team, Alderson could shop him.Less likely to me is moving a LT contract like Bay (something I would like to do) but again, if Sandy has a vision, things could get done. And more than the obvious getting rid of Ollie and Castillo (2 moves that should, and will, happen IMO).Moves also tend to be like an avalanche. Once it starts, it is hard to stop.So, while I can’t guarantee you are going to be reeling in the aisles from the moves Alderson has planned, I will not be surprised if you are.To me, this part of the year is almost as much fun as the regular season (and some years, much more). So let’s get the trade proposals coming!