Yesterday was yet another day baseball received a black eye.   The Worst Kept Dirty Little Secret was finally revealed and even though  I  had a feeling  that McGwire was on the juice when he was playing for the Cardinals,  I still  feel disappointed.   My question is: will the Writers forgive McGwire and elect him  to the Hall of Fame?I want to make my position clear. The Hall of Fame should not accept any athlete that has used Performance Enhancing Drugs.   This is regardless of what their  admission is.  In my opinion, they cheated  and  when an athlete cheats, the stats they  put up are  false and  the outcome of the game is altered. And    I know that  an athlete that used PED's can justify it by simply saying that they were trying to keep up.  I don't care, In my opinion, you cheat, your out.    Yea, I know the  loophole that exists for McGwire and everyone else during the 90's......There was no test for Steroids.It still doesn't matter to me but  more importantly, that doesn't seem to matter to the Writers who elect players to the Hall either.And now they are in for it.For if they choose to stick by their values then Mark McGwire should never be elected to the Hall of Fame.    If they do accept   his apology and elect him it wouldn't be fair to everyone else. (and this includes Pete Rose)Will Major League Baseball keep McGwire's home run record?   If they decided not to then lets also nullify A-Rod's MVP award too.   As a side note, The New York  Times did print an article about McGwire's admission and in the article  McGwire  did say that he had phoned the Maris  Family to apologize, their reaction, according to him, was that of disappointment.Deep down, I feel bad for what has transpired, for McGwire, for baseball and the Fans.   However, I am thankful that this Steroid Mess has yet to touch the Mets(knock on wood) for I know as well as other Met fans that I have read the name Piazza and PED's in books and several articles.   The last thing the Mets need at this point is Piazza's name leaked from the List.   So while I'll keep my fingers crossed everytime I  see Piazza's name in the newspaper.   I  will watch what transpires with Mark McGwire with great interest.   For like Piazza, Mark McGwire was a very popular baseball figure.The McGwire Effect will be unique in that, to me, Mark McGwire did more than just take steroids and hit home runs.   When Baseball was at it's lowest ebb, McGwire and fellow Steroid user Sammy Sosa saved baseball.   The home run race brought back a lot of fans that left because they were angry about the strike years earlier. Will the Writers remember this, do they want to?So what Mark McGwire did was set a ball in motion, by admitting his guilt he will now start the official Apology Tour 2010.  We will now  see him a lot more, he might do a talk show, maybe another news interview, possibly an ESPN thing.    He is also back in baseball, being the Hitting Coach for the Cardinals.   He  won't dodge a question when the PED topics come up  I'm quiet sure but the question remains: Is McGwire 5 years too late?   Will the Writers forgive him?If this tearful apology from McGwire and admission of guilt causes the Voters of the Hall to reconsider their position and elect McGwire then a new standard will be set.  Any player that admitted to using would be eligible.It's only fair.McGwire confesses, cries, says he's let everyone down, lays low, waits a couple of years he might just pull it off.   He might get the Votes he needs to get in.Then again, it might not.Time will only tell, if next years votes go up  for McGwire it only means what he did yesterday was successful.   This means that everyone else can do the same.   If McGwire were to be elected into the Hall he would be the leader of Fellow Users of PED's.   Maybe they will go in under the Steroid Era but they will have a plaque right next to the Greats of the Game.So 2010 will not be the the  year of the McGwire  admission, instead it will be the year of  Voters integrity.