I really hate the Phillies but I had this idea that I entertained for about  8 hours yesterday....I thought about the Mets trading for Shane Victorino. Like I said,  It made sense for about 8 hours.The Mets need a center fielder that can stay on the field.  Andres Torres has a barking back problem and Kirk Nieuwenhius can't hit water if he fell out of a boat.  Now that's when I came up with this notion that maybe, just maybe, the Mets might entertain the idea of trading for Shane Victorino.Now hear me out because you might have come to the same conclusion I did.The Phillies stink and they are looking to unload some players they may not be able to sign next year, one of them being Shane Victorino.  I hate the Phillies but business is business and Victorino, on paper, might not be a bad idea.  He is a switch hitting center firelder who can track a ball and add speed to a line up.  At this point, he's only batting .245 but perhaps a change in scenery and a new team might help him.For the record, I had this idea before I saw Jordanny Valdespin  play center against the Cubs-not that he's the solution.I also didn't know what transpired that afternoon at Citizens Bank Park with Shane and Mr. Manuel.  Which, in my book, put the kabosh on my idea.Apparently, Mr. Victorino didn't like where his name was in yesterday's line up against the Braves and balked at Charlie Manuel which prompted him to get benched.  Shane was batting 7th and according to ESPN's John Kruk, he either  "pouted" or walked out of the the locker room.  Regardless, he was benched for his behavior and to me, dropped about 10 notches in my book and sent my idea into the trash....where it belongs.I had the opportunity a couple of years ago, to watch a Met/Phillie game on a Phillie station.  I'll tell you something, it's not just the fans who hate the Mets, their announcers were brutal, especially toward Jose Reyes..  This was when he used to dance and do his handshakes every time he thought he did something important.  They villified him and even when so far as saying that they would never tolerate that kind of player......I remember asking a Phillie fan whether they would like to sign Reyes rather than Rollins last year-he laughed and said that the Phillies would never pick up a "selfish" player like Jose.Well, now I'll say this.  The Mets don't need a selfish player like Victorino, they don't need a player who will balk at the line up.  A player that will pout if he dosen't get what he wants.  A player who would put himself in front of his team.The Mets are too good for that.So now I have another idea....maybe the Miami Mercenaries would be interested in Victorino. He would fit right in.Thoughts?