No problemWhen you believe in thingsyou don't understand then you suffer.Superstition ain't the way.- Stevie WonderI am just intelligent enough to know that there is no direct cause/effect relationship between the things I am about to share with you.   But having said that...I am a New York Met fan.   I also enjoy playing fantasy baseball.   But I have come to understand that I cannot combine those two things and have it work out well.Back in the 1990's I played what was then known primarily as rotisserie baseball.   I joined an established league of friends in the Boston area and they played exclusively American League rosters so I never had the opportunity to choose any Mets.   But in 2007 I was invited to take part in a league that utilized players from both the American and National Leagues, a so-called mixed league. I was very excited to at last own a Met and exercised my 1st round pick on David Wright.   The season began with Wright in a bad slump.   For the month of April Wright was hitting .244 with 0 home runs and 6 RBI.   On April 30th I was approached by a league member who inquired about Wright's availability.   I replied that he was very available because being on my team was killing him.   This fellow laughed and offered me Brandon Inge and Jose Valverde for Wright.   I happened to need a closer so I accepted the offer.   We shook hands on the deal and that evening I submitted the transaction to our league commissioner.   The next day, May 1st, Wright hit his 1st home run of the season.   He finished that season at .325 with 30 home runs and 107 RBI.   His new owner was quite happy with the transaction, and as a Met fan I was happy to have relieved Wright of the burden of being on my team.In 2008, wary of this experience, I did not draft any Mets.   In late May one of my fantasy team's outfielders went on the disabled list and I needed a replacement.   After scouring the league's waiver wire I noticed the best available outfielder was Ryan Church.   Church was having a hot month.   He had hit 6 home runs in the previous 3 weeks, including 1 the day I was checking the list of available players, and was hitting over .300 for the season so I picked him up.   10 games later he went on the disabled list with post-concussion symptoms.   I cut him but the damage had already been done.As the 2009 fantasy draft unfolded, my pick came up and the chalk said Johan Santana was the right pick at my slot.   He was available.   I was very wary but decided that surely I could not destroy a player this good, so I picked him.   In 2009 Santana had the lowest win total of any year of his career as a starting pitcher and in August succumbed to injury spending the balance of the season on the disabled list.My 2010 draft motto was "no Mets."   I vowed not to harm the career of another player on my favorite team.   I made it through the draft successfully avoiding any healthy Mets.   But my fantasy team got off to a horrible start.   It has been bouncing between 7th and 9th places in a 10 team league and is last in the league in home runs and RBI.   When Ike Davis was called up to the majors by the Mets I prayed for someone to pick him up.   No one did.   He sat on our league waiver wire.   I didn't want to touch him but when he hit his 1st career home run off of the Shea Bridge at Citi Field I could no longer resist and I picked him up.   In his 30 at bats on my team he had 7 hits, no home runs,   for an average of .233, and I realized I had done it yet again.   Determined not to destroy his career at such a young age I decided to be fair to him I had to release him.   So Thursday afternoon I cut Davis.   Friday night in his 1st at bat of the game he hit a home run.   In his 2nd at bat he hit another.   And I resolved once again to never have a Met on my fantasy team.So all should be good in Met world as relates to my fantasy team.   Except there is one problem.   Recall that I said in the 2010 draft I avoided picking any healthy Mets.   I did pick one Met but it was a late round pick that I didn't think could do much damage since he was already hurt when I picked him.   Currently filling the one disabled list spot on my roster is Carlos Beltran.Beltran enjoying his time on my roster