Last night I'm watching the Mets beat a team their supposed to beat-the Reds.  Here is a team with some defensive and hitting issues and the Mets, who have been playing real solid baseball, roll into Cincy and take the first two.Real nice to see, the Mets taking a series.  So here's what's going to happen-the Mets might lose today but then take two out of three from the Nats and then open up the home stand by dropping two out of three to the last place  Marlins.  I have to watch Bonofacio and Sanchez run around the bases again and high five their team mates in the dugout.So why is it that they can't beat the Marlins?Since 2007, the Marlins, regardless of their place in the division, have given the Mets fits.It has to end and it should start on Monday.If the Mets want to someday rule this divison, they have to learn to beat up the Marlins.  Yea, I know what you're already thinking...what about the Braves and Phillies?  Look, right now both those teams are better than the Mets, in my opinion, if the Mets take one game out of three every time they play a series against these teams...I'll take it.But when the Mets drop two out of three to the last place Marlins, THAT'S a problem.  The Marlins always play the Mets tough.  It started when they took them out of the Division years ago and they have been a thorn in their side since.I want to see the Mets on Monday knock Sanchez back off the plate.  I want to see the Mets slide harder into second base.I'm not saying the Mets aren't already playing the Marlins tough, they are.  But they have to get over this Marlin stigma.This year is over.  The Mets, while rebuilding, are looking toward the future.Monday the Marlins come to Citi, it would be nice to see the Mets smack them around a bit and end this poor trend.