I'm not bailing on the Mets nor giving up on the Season.    With 6 games off the schedule it  is way to early to fire a manager or make any player moves.   It just seems that I see something and I want to know if you, our readers, see the same thing.The Mets are not a bad team I just think they have too many "projects" going on at once.   When I mean projects I mean players either developing or waiting.Let me explain.This weekend we saw the return of Jose Reyes.   Everyone talked about how he was going to infuse the team with his smile and energy.   This lasted about 27 seconds in my opinion.   Yea, Reyes came back but on Saturday he looked nervous, jumpy and unsure.   He missed a line drive and didn't steal second in the 9th because he was not ready.   All right, so he needs some time, time to get back-even though he is a professional, let's remember, he hasn't played a game in 11 months!  This is fine, at least he's   healthy and ready to compete and produce....but he is  a project.   I'm quite sure, in time,  he will return to form( and watching every game I'm also sure we will see glimpses of his progress)Let's go across the diamond to First Base.   Another ongoing  Project that I think won't end until the All-Star Break.   Right now it's Jacobs and Tatis.   Jacobs has had his issues at the plate.   He's striking out. popping up and besides the Home run on Saturday, has been an almost automatic out.   Tatis platoons and does a better job but regardless, First Base is a project because according to the Mets- Murphy is running in a straight line.   We're waiting for Murphy, which in my opinion is another project.   Once he returns, he goes on the clock because Ike Davis is waiting in AAA.   I'll  predict Davis will be up by the July.Center field, our last official project.   I know that Manuel plays the hot hand but lets face it, it's pure guess work.   Matthews is a nice player, so is Pagan but neither one of them is Beltran.   Who, when he returns, will be another project because he too will need time acclimate himself to major league pitching.  As a side note:   After seeing the Mets go through the rotation once, it is also obvious that Maine  or Perez will be  a potential Project...especially Perez who has, in my opinion, solidified his spot as a bona fide number 5 starter.I'm not going to throw out stats because for 6 games, you really can't determine what kind of year a player will have.   I'm just pointing out the ongoing  issues I see the   Mets dealing with.   Do other teams deal with their own on going projects, yes.   It is part of baseball like injuries; however,  were rooting for the Mets here and let's worry about our own team.Is there hope?   Of course there is.      I believe that as these Projects work themselves out, the team will solidify and begin to work and win.     However, the big question is will the problems  resolve themselves  before the other teams run away.That's the million dollar question.