Thanks Jon Heyman, you've bailed out the Mets.  Based on his criticism of the Met's off-season moves, it looks like the Mets won't be a favorite to win this year(surprised?).   Hell, they probably won't even be favored to have a winning record.   As a matter of fact, I believe Vegas has the Yankees with the best odds of winning the Fall Classic.This might not be a bad thing.Last year the Mets were picked to win it all by Sports Illustrated.   I'm not saying that this added pressure caused  the disaster of the 2009  but maybe now that the Mets are not favored to win, it might work to  their advantage.  Finally, the spotlight is off of them.I will say that I was a little disappointed with some off season moves.   I still think the Mets need another starter and first basemen, not to mention a decent catcher.   But according to the Mets Front Offices' "expectations" , the Mets are done spending money.So be it.I'll be anxious to sit back this year and watch the Phillies, who now have the  added pressure to win or it's a total disaster.    And don't they have to win?   After all they picked up Halladay, they  have  the hitting, they have the chemistry, they have it all...have fun!   Don't blow it.    Meanwhile, the Mets, well, like everyone says, question marks all over and a thin rotation.   They probably will come in 4th.   If they lose, well, everyone expected it.   I not being negative, I just trying to understand their position according to what I've heard on the radio and read on other blogs:  Not Favored to win,  A very poor Off-Season, Question Marks all over, Bad Clubhouse Chemistry.   All things that point toward a losing season except for one thing.  The Season hasn't started yet.What happens if the Mets come together?What happens if their pitching comes around and they can compete?What if everyone stays healthy and they begin to fulfill their potential?What if?This Met team must embrace being the Underdog of the East.  It's a non pressure role that a team  like this might flourish.    Jerry Manuel must play this right and remove all the tensions and anxiety of the last three years and make this team play loose.   Yea, that's easier said then done  but if his  players come into camp healthy, they may perform.  Spring Training starts next week.I'm not ready to give that World Series Trophy out just yet.   I hope the Mets aren't either.