I will not root for any team  in the  World Series.   All I know is, everyday I'm happy because one team I hate loses.   Oh yea and another thing, one team is going to be miserable a week from today, and that's fine with me.Watching the  World Series really makes you take stock of your own team.    The reality is, I see a lot of good players on both teams, and a lot of holes in ours.   My conclusion, the Mets have some serious work  ahead of them.   The Phillies are going to be real tough in years to come and I know that if the Yankees lose this year, they might spend another half a billion dollars on more free agents.Can the Mets compete with these teams next year?   At this point, absolutely not.Now I have been reading a lot about how the Mets are going after Matt Holliday or Jason Bay.   But lets be realistic, even if the Mets get one of these guys along with an All Star at  first base,   second base, and catcher, there is no way they are going to win with Maine, Perez, Pelfrey and Niese for a pitching staff behind Santana.A little over a month ago, Jeff Wilpon told the Met fans that there will be improvements made over the winter. Hey Jeff, I hope your watching the Fall Classic because if this team needs one thing, it's a solid number 2 starter.  And Jeff, you also told us that Omar will have the money to spend on a free agent.   This was Lackey right?After seeing the pitching from both the Yankees and the Phillies, it better be or someone close to it.So what's the last thing I want to hear?  Last week, I read that the Mets are not going to be in the Lackey free agent sweepstakes.   So Omar, what's the plan?   I know you have one because your job is on the line and the Met season is at stake.It is  really a  ploy?   Are you really going for Lackey?   Or maybe  your planning to empty the farm system yet again for  the gunslinger  Halladay. Or maybe you have been talking to the Astros about Oswalt?Whatever you choose just remember what you are about to see this week and ask yourself this:   If we were playing the Yankees, what would the score be if the match up was Burnett  and Maine?   Or Pettite and Perez?I'm sorry, just for a second I was dreaming, let's just look at the regular season- Lee and Santana, Hamels and Maine, Pedro and Perez.   What do you think?   Is it enough?I'm thinking the same thing you are.