The R.A. Dickey trade has gone through, so now Sandy Alderson has time to fill out the rest of the roster. The pitching staff is fairly set, the bullpen needs a couple of pieces, the infield is solid but the outfield is a train wreck. The Mets need two legitimate major league outfielders and one of them has to be a center fielder. With this gaping hole in the Mets’ roster I see one player on the free agent market who has seemingly been neglected. That player is former Atlanta Braves outfielder Michael Bourn. There have been some rumblings of Scott Boras and Bourn deciding to take a one-year deal for this season. If these rumblings are true, ownership and Sandy Alderson would be doing a disservice to the team and the fans to not attempt to sign him. If a team offers Bourn a multi-year, big money deal, it’s more understandable if the Mets don’t pursue him. The salary would be high, but there would be no long-term commitment and the Mets would be getting an excellent player. Michael Bourn would fit perfectly into the number one spot in the lineup and into center field. Bourne has speed to burn and good extra base power, having at least 45 extra base hits the last two seasons and is a slightly above average fielder at worst. He would be an igniter in the way Jose Reyes was and he would bring a much needed spark of energy and excitement to the Mets. Bourn is a really good player and it’s surprising he hasn’t signed with a team yet. If he decides to settle for a one-year deal and goes back on the market next season, this is an opportunity the Mets should really think about seriously. One thing is for sure, the Mets off-season can’t start and end with the R.A Dickey trade.