Delgado, Beltran, and Reyes.Photo: Getty ImagesI stole this idea from Mets Fever Do the Mets owe Beltran & the rest of the core more... who have a completely different view on this.   Their point is Omar and the Wilpons hoaxed the core members into either resigning or coming to the Mets and have done them a disservice by telling them we were trying to win now.     It's a great read so check it out.   I however look at this title in a completely different way.Earlier in the off-season and even at the beginning of the year, the Mets were questioned for their grit.   After an incredible May those talks diminished.   Hmmm, something about winning that makes you gritty.   Now after a terrible slew of injuries and a bad June and early July the Mets are trying to hold on or "tread water" as we have heard over and over.   So now lets look at the core, Beltran, Reyes and Delgado are all injured and working hard to come back.   Beltran played through what turned out to be immense pain before he could no longer go and is working hard to return as quickly as possible.   Reyes has tried many times already to rush himself back, perhaps to his detriment.   Many players after having as many set backs as he has had would shut it down for the season.   Delgado is even ahead of schedule on his return and could be back early August.   What about others?   Wagner was ready to pitch in June by his standards.   He is pushing himself to be a factor this year.   Putz also is working hard.   I do not have an update on Maine but one would assume he too is seeking to return as quickly as possible. Wright has not seen a pitch to hit in 2 months and has stepped up as a leader in the clubhouse.   Santana and Krod are both going through rough patches and still are fighting to get the job done.   Sheff, Castillo and Cora are playing everyday when their body tells them no.So where am I going with all of this?   I think now is the time that Omar and the Wilpons show grit and heart themselves and step up to reward all of these players for their hard work by doing what it takes to keep them in the race.   How pissed would you be if you done all this only to be too far back of the playoff race by the time you return?   Now obviously I don't want Omar to do anything stupid, however, he is paid to make a difference.   He is not paid like a guy who should stand back and say his hands are tied.   The Wilpons do not own a team that should be able to stand back and say their hands are tied.   It's time for them to man up and make a difference themselves.   Show some of that clutch ability that your players are so often accused of not having and come up with something out of the box that will allow all of these hard working players the chance to be in the race in September instead of thinking what might have been.Update from Ed Ryan over at Mets Fever: I don't think he hoaxed them as much as he hasn't followed through and I agree it's time to make a move and keep this core in the race until they return.   IMO Omar's biggest mistake is he has not built enough around the core, he's just done enough to keep them competitive but never given them the piece to get over the top.   Now one move would keep them in the race and be the piece they need when they return to get over the top.   I keep hearing well if they were done for the season then you make that trade but with them coming back no need, I say the opposite with them coming back it only makes the team stronger but if they were done then so is the season...What have you done for your core lately?