As the Phillies are finalizing a major move to improve their rotation and the Redsox sign away TRDM fan favorite Lackey the Mets are faced with upgrading their team with 2 less names on the market.   I still expect the Mets to get one of the major FA this off-season but I also now expect Omar to be creative and seek a SP now through trade.   One name I would like to suggest is Zach Duke.   When I looked at Duke again I was surprised to see how young he still is.Zach will still be 26 to start the 2010 season.   He has two more years of arbitration.   Last season Duke had a 4.03 ERA in 213 innings.   It seems as though he has a ton of talent but really needs a mentor pitcher to show him how to use that LH talent.     Hmmm.... Johan would be good at this.   (Before we mention Perez, Duke is NOT Perez.   Duke averaged 6 2/3 innings per start last year.) Again this is not like a game of war and the Phillies pull out an ace and we pull out a 2 of clubs to try and match.   We can't concern ourselves with what the Phillies have done.   We can only do what we can to improve our team for next year and the future.   To me trading for a 26 year old established pitcher with upside is much better than overpaying for a guy like Pineiro.Now I know the Pirates are listening on Duke as mentioned in this MLBTR article.   Question is what would it take.   I could not even give a true guess as the Pirates are very unpredictable.