If the Mets intend to keep Murphy's bat in the line-up next year, they have to find a spot for him-a permanent one that he can handle and excel in.  What happened on Sunday was no freak accident, it was something that was bound to happen.  I'm surprised it didn't happen soonerI've been very hard on Dan Murphy.  I criticised his first and second base skills, I even went so far as to re-name him The Butcher for his play everywhere but at the plate.  But as I hate to say it, I called this last week when I said that his lack of baseball skills would either get someone or himself hurt.In this sad case, it is Dan Murphy who will suffer and as much as I teased him, I hate to see it happen.Dan Murphy is a good hard baseball player who needs desperately to find a position on the Mets.  I love his attitude and his guts but the Mets have to find a way to harness these traits.  I personally hope they are not thinking of putting him in the outfield-that would be a grand mistake.Which comes to my next conclusion,  the Mets hurt Murphy by not finding the position for him.  He was not a good second baseman( on second thought, he was never a good second baseman) to begin with and  he barely plays a decent first base.  The Mets pushed him to become somethings he's not and they have to put a halt to it.I know Murphy is a fan/Met front office favorite, but this search for an identity in the field has to end.  This is the second time he's gotten hurt playing second and that means that it has to be off limits.Solutions? What was Murphy's original position?  I believe it was third base.  So option one is simple:  Murphy at third, Wright at first.  OK stop choking.  How about Murphy at first and trade Davis?  Honestly, the only place Murphy can play that allows him to be semi-out-of-harms-way is first base.  But remember, if he plays there, your going to lose games.Thoughts?