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While both may be available, I would assume Jose is a better fit for the baseball team.  Although I wouldn't mind sending Dave up into the owners suite to uh... take care of business. 

Back to baseball.  Blue Jays GM WheelerandDealer I mean Anthopoulos had the following to say in a recent interview:

“The core changes,” Anthopoulos says. “And the core changes with performances from year to year.”

While it appears that everyone is available and certainly some of their best chips are Jose, Jose and Encarnacion there is one that is a great fit and it is a former Met.  However, this former Met never played a game for the Mets.  We all know the history that the Mets acquired Bautista in a trade from the Royals in 2004 and then traded to the Pirates in a package for Kris Benson.  Before we get on the Mets too much there, keep in mind that the soon to be remodeled slugger was on 5 different teams that season setting the record for most clubhouses resided in a single season. 

Jose toiled away for the Pirates for 5 years posting a 

.241 .329 .403 .733
while frustrating many coaches along the way.  Finally in 2008 he was traded to the Blue Jays for a PTBNL and all his problems were solved.  Well not exactly, Jose stunk just as badly for the first 1.5 years with the Jays as well.  Then after working with Cito Gaston and 1B coach  Dwayne Murphy they were able to rebuild his swing, get him to lay off of junk and swing as hard as possible on strikes.  It's really a fascinating story that you can read in this article from 2011:

How Jose Bautista Went From Baseball Vagabond To The Game's Best Slugger

The last two years Bautista has struggled with injury and saw his counting numbers decline due to missed games but has still managed a .251 .358 .510 .868 line while blasting 93 EXBH in 210 games good enough for a 135 OPS+

Jose will be 33 years old in a few days and obviously is no defensive wizard.  To his credit he has played many different positions over his career offering his potentially new team a little flexibility on the roster. 

What is also great about Bautista and why his trade value could be high is his reasonable to bargain salary. 

2014 33 Toronto Blue Jays $14,000,000
2015 34 Toronto Blue Jays $14,000,000
2016 35 Toronto Blue Jays *$14,000,000 $14M Team Option

(thanks to BBR)

So what's this worth?  I can't imagine trading Noah back to the Jays so you would have to build around Montero and other young arms.  It also depends on the direction the Jays go.  Are they going to blow up the entire thing or look to keep a guy like Reyes (who I believe they will have to eat a ton of salary to trade) and build for now instead of 4 years from now? 

Toronto was about as league average as possible last year on offense.  Nothing great, nothing horrible.  However, their pitching trailed only Houston and Minn as the worst in the AL and 4th worst in the majors.  Whether you like the stat Quality Start or not, I feel it's very effective when looking at a staff as a whole over the course of the season.  There they also finished 28/30 teams with only 67 quality starts, 5 more than the Astros and 27 behind the Mets.  In other words, they need MLB starters.  

If Harvey had not went down, the Mets would seem to be a perfect fit.  With his injury the Mets rich depth in pitching certainly took a step back.  However, if the Jays were willing to build a package around Montero or Gee and backfill with younger players if I were the Mets I would have to pull the trigger.  Sluggers cost money and are usually long term.  Finding a guy like Bautista who you can slot behind Wright for protection who wouldn't break the bank and would still allow you to upgrade other offensive spots even on a limited budget would be a huge windfall for the Mets.