Watching Oliver Perez pitch is like being pecked to death by a duck.   It is long and  frustrating and frankly I'm done.I've given   him a chance to win me over with Spring Training and with the first month of the 2010 Season but I don't see anything that gives me any faith that Perez is about to make  that  "turn" and become the 36 million dollar pitcher Omar paid for.   As a matter of fact, I don't see anything new at all and  I cannot and I refuse to get excited  or  "believe" that he is  "back"  because he happens to go into the sixth inning for one start.  Perez commits, in my book, the cardinal sin of any starter...he can't get to the fifth inning.   The FIFTH INNING!!   Yesterdays line, if you don't already know it, 3 1/3 innings, 7 walks,  4 runs(3 earned)  and 98 pitches.  You can also take into account that he might not of made it out of the 2nd  inning if it wasn't for two good defensive  plays  by Reyes and Pagan.   Yea I know that the Mets almost pulled it out but let's face it, if the Mets won today it would of been in spite of Perez not because of him.You see, Perez does more than just give up a lead or fail to make it to the 5th,  he also, with these dreadful outings, kills a bullpen, ruins momentum and makes a crowd head for the Shake Shack.    And we have to see this guy every 5th day?   Can the Mets afford to have this guy around to do this?   If they want to compete, they simply can't.Enough with the Jekyll and Hyde thing: Enough with the "he's a lefty" thing.   The Mets have to admit that they made a mistake and either, trade him, hide him, or put him in the Pen as a Mop Up Man.   I when I mean Mop Up, I don't mean when the Mets are losing 9- 0 in the 3rd inning and the Mets don't want to burn another pitcher.   I mean Mop Up as in "Mop up the mess the visiting pitchers did to the bathroom."I'm I being too rough here?Let me ask you a question,   What would you do with him?   Do you trust him to pitch the rubber game of the Subway Series?   How about the last game of the year with the Wild Card on the line?(Didn't we see that before?)   This man cannot pitch when the pressure is on, you know what, I don't think he can pitch when the  pressure is off.     Guess what?   I don't think he can pitch at all.Bobby Ojeda thinks that Oliver "loses focus during a game".   What do you think?All right, so let's get serious and fix the problem. Look, every GM has made a mistake like Omar did with Perez.   Cashman of the Yankees picked up Kei Igawa.   The Angels signed Gary Matthews and Toronto has Vernon  Wells.  Now the Angels traded away and ate the contract of   Matthews( What team is he on again?).   The Blue Jays are stuck with  Wells simply because they cannot afford to  release him  or eat the contract and trade him.   However, the Yankees have sent Igawa to Siberia, or some Minor team.   The Mets now have to suck it up and make that tough decision.   Yes, it might include eating some money, yes if might have to include getting some egg on the face of their GM.   Perez might have to go to Buffalo, or Siberia or maybe just as far away from the Mets as possible.He has to for the sake of this team and it's future accomplishments.It is time.