I'm going to give you a stat-.267, 103 runs, 142 hits, 119 RBI's and 36 home runs.No that's not what the Mets are losing trading away Carlos Beltran, that's what their NOT getting from Jason Bay who is hitting .227 with 6 home runs.  That stat you just read above is Jason Bay's last year with the Boston Red Sox.The Mets are going to miss the resurgence of Carlos Beltran.  Carlos, who has returned to form, is presently hitting .289 with 61 RBI's-and he has two months left in the season.If Bay were to return to form, or at least close to it, the loss of Beltran might not be felt at all by the Mets.  As a matter of fact, with Bay hitting as poorly as he is, with Beltran in the line-up, the Mets are still either above or a .500 team.  If Bay were to hit, they could still maintain this record.  In essence, the Mets have been carrying Bay for the entire season.  I think I could count on one hand the clutch hits his had this year.  (I know one against the Yankees)Watching Bay hit last night was tough, at this point, he's an automatic out. He went 0-5 and he's batting a measly .223, which consequently, is little above the pitching staff and Nick Evans.Thoughts?