Many of you, like us, have wondered what actually happened with the Metsblog comment section.   As a community we could not understand or justify why our concerns had not been addressed.   Metsblog had become an important part of our daily routine; once that routine was changed we searched for answers and a sense of normalcy.   Our answer to that started with Mrose designing a message board.   From many fan interactions Mrose decided to persue the theme NL East Chatter.   Near that same time Dirty and I started to develop a simple wordpress blog on   We hooked up with Mrose and our blog quickly took off.   From that response Mrose decided to officially start   and bring The Real Dirty Mets Blog into that community.     We did not start this as a way to compete with Metsblog for readers or members.   Our desire is to give a voice to the fans.   Metsblog over the years has become VERY successful.   With success and sponsorships comes a lot more responsibility and restrictions.   Here we can provide the fans a much more laid back environment where they are free to express their opinions without any chance of detriment to a person's livelihood.   We do not make any money off of this site, we do it By the Fans for the Fans.In regards to this, Matthew Cerrone has contacted The Real Dirty Mets Blog.   He has viewed our site and is impressed with the progress we have made and supports what we are doing here.There were a few things that he did want to clear up.   For all of us that could no longer log in, he cleared the list for everyone.   Ideally his goal was to make everyone re-register and try and catch some of the posters who made life hell for all of us each night.   Matt also said that he does feel that he owes us an explanation of what has been going on and would love to come over to our blog and address these issues through a Q & A session.   That event has not been scheduled yet but we will let you know as soon as it has.Metsblog has added The Real Dirty Mets Blog to it's Blogroll and made a post mentioning our site.By the way, comments will be closed for this post.   I did not want to take away from the great post already made tonight.   Please don't do anything drastic like forming an entirely different blog.